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    From John Ramsey's campaign for Michigan state legislature speech May 11, 2004.

    "As you know, approximately one year ago, a Federal Judge, and the District
    Attorney stood up and stated strongly that there was no evidence anyone in
    the family was involved and there was a preponderance of evidence making it
    clear that an intruder did enter our home sometime that evening in 1996. We
    of course, knew that. As most of you also know, the case was then put in
    the hands of a very competent investigative team, strong DNA evidence was
    extracted, and we now have strong hope that this most vicious of all
    killers will be identified."

    Why is John Ramsey only telling Michigan voters half of the truth?

    Federal Judge Judy Carnes heard a civil case against the Ramseys brought by
    someone they claimed could be a suspect in the murder of JonBenet Ramsey.
    The Ramseys civil attorney was allowed to present a one sided view of the
    case. Judge Carnes did not review the 40,000-page criminal file, only the
    documents and evidence made available by the civil case lawyers. The
    Ramseys showed the judge what they wanted her to see without all the
    evidence from the police files. Therefore the judge could only come to one
    conclusion based on the evidence presented by the Ramseys' civil attorney, that an “intruder” killed JonBenet Ramsey.

    John Ramsey has no problem twisting this bit of information to his benefit. Cont..

    Contrary to what Mr. Ramseys states, no one has said any DNA found belongs
    to the killer, another “fact” twisted by Ramsey. When Boulder D.A. Mary
    Keenan was asked about the DNA belonging to the killer, all she said was,
    "No Comment." We would like to ask John Ramsey how he knows this DNA
    belongs to the killer and how this DNA can be dated.

    Do the good people of Michigan want a representative who does not follow
    through on his promises?

    Take the JonBenet Ramsey Foundation, for instance.

    John Ramsey claimed he would be looking for the killer of his daughter
    JonBenet until the killer was found. Based on the following information, you be the judge of how sincere John Ramsey is in finding the "killer" of his daughter.

    From John and Patsy Ramsey's book, Death of Innocence, hard cover version,
    p 374 published in 2000:

    "If you think you have any information that could help, please call, write,
    or e-mail us...

    We have had a web site and tip line that can be reached at 303-904-****.
    Confidential information can be mailed to P. O. Box 724505, Atlanta, GA
    31139. Our e-mail address is"

    The "tip line" John Ramsey set up to help find the "killer" of JonBenet
    Ramsey was printed incorrectly in the hardcover of their book. The real
    owner of the phone number printed in Death of Innocence reported the Ramsey
    "tip line" was disconnected over three years ago. The email address is not
    in operation. The email address bounces back as

    In the updated paperback version of Death of Innocence, which was released
    in 2001, the paragraph was changed to the following:

    If you think you have any information that could help, please call, write,
    or e-mail us. Or if you know anyone who can make a device like the garrote
    or the hand ligature (which had a loop on both ends) pictured on the
    Jameson Web site * please speak up. Contact us by e-mail at, call your local police or call the Boulder Police. Cont..

    The email address, bounces back as "unknown." There
    is no updated or corrected tip line phone number, leaving the owner of the
    incorrect number printed in the hardback version to field calls on a
    regular basis explaining there is no "Tip Line" for JonBenet Ramsey. The
    Boulder Police no longer have control of the case. It is now in Boulder D.A
    Mary Keenan's hands.

    The Ramsey website, has been non-existent for several
    years. A check of ownership at Network Solutions shows the owner of this
    domain as Haddon, Morgan, and Forman, the Ramseys' former criminal
    attorneys. The domain ownership expired April 19, 2004. To date, no one
    has renewed the domain.

    As of the date of this press release, the back cover of the paperback

    A phone call placed to the I.R.S. confirmed that the JonBenet Ramsey
    Foundation was closed in 2000. The same year the paperback version of Death of Innocence came out.

    Forums for Justice would like to ask John Ramsey where the money received
    from sales of Death of Innocence went, as it appears the money did not go
    to the JonBenet Ramsey Foundation as touted on the cover of the book.

    There is no tip line, no web site provided by the Ramsey family to help
    find the killer of JonBenet Ramsey. There is no information anywhere on the
    Internet about the $100,000 reward. Yet, John Ramsey has the time, the
    money and the desire to put up a very professional website about HIMSELF
    and his run for office.

    The defunct JonBenet Ramsey Foundation accomplished very little if anything
    at all, in spite of John Ramsey's claims to the contrary. He promoted an
    organization called "SHOES" in Death of Innocence, an organization that has
    yet to be formed despite the fact he has had over 4 years to get SHOES up
    and running.

    Michigan voters must ask themselves, is this the type of man you want
    representing you in the state legislature? Cont..

    Here is Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner's testimony from a deposition
    in November 2001.

    Chief Mark Beckner "Internally, John and Patsy are considered suspects,"

    Attorney "Both of them?"

    Beckner "Yes."

    Attorney "Are considered to have probably been involved in the death of
    their daughter?"

    Beckner "Probability, yes."

    Attorney "Has anyone else ever attained that status of probably involved?"

    Beckner "No."

    From the Atlanta 2000 law enforcement interviews of John and Patsy Ramsey

    Here is Bruce Levin questioning Patsy about the fibers in the paint tray:

    21 Q. We have found, and I want you to
    22 help us, maybe you can offer an explanation
    23 for this. We have found fibers in the paint
    24 tray that appear to come off of the coat in
    25 the photograph we showed you.
    1 A. In the paint tray?
    2 Q. Yes.

    A few minutes later, Levin says this to LinWood:

    7 MR. LEVIN: I can state to you,
    8 Mr. Wood, that, given the current state of
    9 the scientific examination of fibers, that,
    10 based on the state of the art technology,
    11 that I believe, based on testing, that fibers
    12 from your client's coat are in the paint
    13 tray.

    AND a few minutes later:

    3 MR. LEVIN: I think that is
    4 probably fair. Based on the state of the
    5 art scientific testing, we believe the fibers
    6 from her jacket were found in the paint
    7 tray, were found tied into the ligature found
    8 on JonBenet's neck, were found on the blanket
    9 that she is wrapped in, were found on the
    10 duct tape that is found on the mouth, and
    11 the question is, can she explain to us how
    12 those fibers appeared in those places that
    13 are associated with her daughter's death.
    Mr. Levin continues in the Atlanta 2000 interviews stating about fibers
    found in JonBenet's underpants.

    MR. LEVIN: I understand your
    9 position.
    10 In addition to those questions,
    11 there are some others that I would like you
    12 to think about whether or not we can have
    13 Mrs. Ramsey perhaps in the future answer. I
    14 understand you are advising her not to today,
    15 and those are there are black fibers that,
    16 according to our testing that was conducted,
    17 that match one of the two shirts that was
    18 provided to us by the Ramseys, black shirt.
    19 Those are located in the
    20 underpants of JonBenet Ramsey, were found in
    21 her crotch area, and I believe those are two
    22 other areas that we have intended to ask
    23 Mrs. Ramsey about if she could help us in
    24 explaining their presence in those locations.

    The right questions need to be asked of the Ramseys.
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    Ok I'm just guessing that this is an anti-Ramsey post.
    About all this fiber evidence questioning that has been listed here.
    You have to remember one thing.
    They may not really have this evidence. They just may be trying to rattle their suspects into confessions.
    Actually in my opinion it's pretty obvious they don't really have this evidence. LE has tried this tactic with the JR and PR (mostly PR) over and over.

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