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Discussion in 'Alcala and the Unidentified' started by elmomom, Jul 12, 2011.

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    I don't know if this will be helpful for anyone else, but I made it to help me since some of the links in the older threads are broken. I went through the pictures on the 48HR site And looked for those that were not marked as identified. Then I went to Nancy Grace's site and pulled all the photos to match. Some are not on her site, some are not on either site (the "hanging man" comes to mind. For now, I just wanted an idea of who was still UID and a quick way to find a photo on NG site.

    Girl with large afro
    club girl#3 Straight Hair
    Little boy
    Girls with Bikes and Seagrapes
    Girl with Bowl
    Girl in Blue with Braids
    Young Child in Yellow
    The Forest Dancer with Helmet
    Plaid Hat and Makeup Girl
    Curly Haired Brunette with wide set eyes
    Smoking in Bikini
    Blue Eyed, bare midriff turtleneck
    Teen Boy in Front of Curtain
    Short Haired Girl on Blue Sheet
    Brunette in Blue 2 piece Bathing Suit
    Girl in Yellow Bikini
    Girl in Photo with Red Filter
    Brunette in Yellow with Black Sweater
    Girls at Steps -
    "Pow-pow" Girl
    Brunette in Sepia
    Brunette and Male with Floral sheet
    The Blonde with Luggage
    Brunette in orange shirt and Denim Jacket
    Girl in Fur Coat
    Sad Blonde with Blue Sheet
    Wide Set Eyes with Floral Sheet
    Club Girl #2 Curly Hair
    Ginger Haired Girl with Red Necklace
    Christmas Tree Girl
    Young Blonde with Red Checkered Shirt
    Girl in Brown Sweater and Glasses
    Singing Girl
    Girl in Yellow Shorts on Lawn
    Girl with Short Sleeve Henley
    Short Haired Thin Blonde
    Boy with Bike
    Brunette with Beads and Brick Wall
    Girl with Hair Splayed on Carpet
    Smiling Girl in Sepia
    Girl in Pink at Festival
    Brunette with Leopard Fur
    Toddler in Aqua
    Boy Held in Air by Man
    Pixie Faced Brunette
    Profile Brunette at Beach
    Girl With Donkey
    Girl in Orange Crochet Bikini
    Girl in White Blouse and Beaded Pendant
    Blonde in Yellow Striped top
    The Frowning Dulcimer
    Blonde in Blue Shorts on Lawn
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