LISK a pilot? And other thoughts

Discussion in 'Long Island Serial Killer' started by justme111, Jan 24, 2020.

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    Just a thought. Could LISK be a pilot with possible connections in the LI area. Possibly even lived in area years ago.

    1. They are meticulous anal people who follow plans.

    2. Gilgo Beach is under most of the arrival paths to the major and smaller airports in that area. Might not see bodies from air but can see the area where bodies are buried.
    The western tip of Robert Moses State park almost points to where most of the bodies were found.

    3. Private flights going into small airports have less records (I think)

    4. Pilot flys customer from xyz company to NYC on private or chartered plane. Customers are in town for few days so instead of flying back he stays in town. Great cover to be in town. Has lots down time. Might have family in area to visit or say he is visiting so he has excuse not to spend time with customer. Might have everything he needs stored in moms garage or storage unit.

    5. Some smaller airports have a loaner car available to regulars. That might just more rural airports but taxis go in and out airports all day.

    6. There are 8 car rental places in or near the municipal airport near me. Rent from a different on each time no one will remember you. I am sure there are many car rentals in LI area.

    Gilgo 4 were wrapped in burlap when disposed . The bodies and burlap were probably wrapped in something during transport in vehicle to marsh . To prevent leaking.

    What else is burlap used for other than plants? Produce bags, Drainage / erosion control, arts and crafts, older automobile, boat and home upholstery. ( the unseen parts) .
    Military gillie suits are made mostly of many strips of burlap . Basic training soldiers learn to camouflage gear, gun , helmet with burlap. Sniper school teaches gillie suits.
    Dirt clings to and stains burlap. Plastic bags are shinny and dirt washes off in rain.

    Has the burlap ever been tested?
    If the lab on forensic files can tell a thread came from an ugly orange shag carpet and the carpet company can tell investigators that only 70 yards of carpet were sold in Ohio . What can be learned from the burlap
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