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    "Confessions of the Oak Beach Drifter" calls himself "W". Was present/staying at Joe Brewer's house in Oak Beach the night Shannan Gilbert went missing or directly before.
    "W" tries to accuse Brewer by insinuating in his book that a few days before Shannan went missing he heard a woman screaming "No! Please Stop!" Followed by a loud thud.
    Shannan's belongings were found in a marsh behind Brewer's house along with her body, nearby.
    Belt recovered with the initials HM or WH listed as evidence in the Gilgo murders.
    "W" considers himself a West Islip Native, with connections to Queens.
    Now here's where I scared myself.
    February 1, 1982
    • Tina Foglia (19) was last seen in the early morning hours of February 1, 1982 at a rock music venue in West Islip. Her dismembered body was discovered by Department of Transportation workers on February 3 along the shoulder of the Southern State Parkway. Her remains were placed in three separate plastic garbage bags, and were found a few miles north of the Robert Moses Causeway, which leads to Gilgo Beach and Oak Beach. A diamond ring that Foglia was known to wear was missing.
    • The DNA of an unknown male was found on the garbage bags. Police have not ruled out the possibility that Tina Foglia was an early victim of the Long Island Serial Killer.1
    Timeline of the Long Island Serial Killer case : LISKiller
    The Brentwood woman was last seen leaving Hammerheads, a 1980s hangout on Sunrise Highway in West Islip where locals met to see hot Long Island-metro area bands like Twisted Sister, Blue Öyster Cult, Zebra and even the Ramones. The victims family told police that Foglia had gone to Hammerheads to see Equinox, a Queens band. Investigators said the 5-foot-2, 185-pound Foglia often hitchhiked and likely did that night.
    Her family reported Foglia missing on Feb. 3, 1982. Later that afternoon, state highway workers picked up the bags containing her dismembered body alongside the exit ramp from the westbound Southern State to the northbound Sagtikos
    NY - NY - Tina Foglia, 19, West Islip, 1 Feb 1982
    Tina Foglia, perhaps the first or one of the early victims of LISK was maybe hitchhiking. Maybe this is where LISK got a taste for prostitutes. Young women, alone, unaccompanied. Maybe he thought she was a prostitute.
    Or maybe, this person was W. With connections to West Islip and to the band playing at Hammerheads that Tina Foglia went to see that night.
    He then dismembered his body somewhere-his house would've been close by the venue, in West Islip and then, as his first or early victim he was heading somewhere remote. The southern state and the sagtikos go to the beach...maybe he was heading to Gilgo, got spooked and then dumped the dismembered bags by the side of the road.
    This can't be a coincidence? Can it?

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    The GB4 were all petite women, & if I'm not mistaken, so were the other victims at Gilgo & Manorville.

    The girl you've described above is a big girl, only 5 ft 2 but 185 pounds, that's a big girl imo......but who knows,

    What the police should do is run the male DNA through the genealogy system from the bags that held her body parts in & they will get a hit.

    They need to get the ball rolling, they have DNA, let's go, start the process. Maybe, like you've stated, it could be LISK, but she doesn't fit the other victims profiles.
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    It's possible that, if this was the first victim, then the LISK could have altered his victim profile based on her. Maybe he grabbed her thinking that she would be an easy victim, but was forced to change his profile to a smaller, more petite woman based on difficulties with Tina? Just speculation on my part, but not bad to think over.
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