List of Inquiries After Reading - Let's Take A Fresh Look?

Discussion in 'Sodder Family' started by amocksun, Aug 29, 2015.

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    Did we ever know if the house was insured? If not how did they rebuild a new house. I think I remember reading the family were middle class and I'm wondering how they were able to pay for private investigators, offer rewards, and rebuild a home I'm not suggesting the family was involved and I personally think they did die in the fire but who knows?
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    She managed to remain asleep near an open front door on a windy winter night, we're told. I'd like to know where the WC was located in relation to the bedrooms. I'd also like to know how many windows each bedroom had.
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    Half the facts on these threads are repeats of other posts and pure imagination. Wikipedia is not a credible source of information.
    Unlocked doors? Normal in rural neighborhoods even today
    Christmas lights left on? She'd be one of the few post depression era moms not to turn off the lights at night but to leave them blazing
    Loud noise on the roof, or a small explosion from household chemicals being stored?
    A trusted electrician giving the wiring a thumbs up followed by two eerie strangers warning about faulty fuse boxes?
    Sounds like telling a different story depending what year it was and how guilty the parents felt for surviving.
    2 year difference between the bones found and oldest boy? There is not an unidentified body on this site that lists an exact birth year, there are some with bone fragments that say 20-40 years of age.
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