Listen Carefully: Truth and Evidence book

Discussion in 'JonBenet Ramsey' started by pubineapplube, Jul 21, 2020.

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    Is it known who authored the Listen Carefully book, and if there's a reason why a group pen name was used?

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    I bought this right after it came out and I liked it a lot. Here is the review I put on amazon:

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    The conclusion Listen Carefully comes to is that it was Burke. What was funny was that I didn't know until recently that there was a feature on Facebook called 'hide' where an admin can make someone's comment invisible to only the person who posted it so their comment has been effectively removed but the original poster doesn't realize it. I thought it was weird that any time I disagreed with an admin and posted a source to verify that my info was correct, no would respond so I went in with alts and realized my posts were invisible and even then I didn't catch on. I thought there was some sort of Facebook glitch that was causing this. It was actually kind of funny.
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    Hey everyone,

    Many posts have been removed as off topic in this thread.

    When a member starts a specific thread, please don't hijack the thread with case discussion that does not relate to the book.

    Thank you.
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