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Little girls return diamond ring found in candy bag, donate their candy too

Discussion in 'News that makes you smile!' started by zwiebel, Nov 8, 2014.

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    When 6 and 8 year-old sisters Ellie and Kenna Carlin tipped out their candy bags on the table after an evening out trick or treating in Illinois, they were surprised to find a diamond wedding band. The girls - and Dad David - quickly realized it wasn't supposed to be there. They immediately made plans to return to the Plainfield neighborhood they'd visited and post flyers saying they'd found a diamond ring. Dad texted his brother back there, to let him know what they were going to do.

    Little did they know, while they were printing 'Found: We found a diamond ring in our Halloween Candy' flyers, someone else was tearfully printing 'Lost, wedding ring in trick-or-treat bag' flyers.

    While they were traveling back with the posters, brother called David; he'd just seen a flyer in the neighborhood posted by heartbroken Jen Vasek, whose wedding ring had slipped into one of the candy bags she'd prepared for Halloween. They met, the ring was returned. Jen burst into tears and the Carlins refused to accept any reward. In fact, the girls didn't get their candy either - they'd already decided to pay that forward to USO for a school project. Jen was too emotional at the time to even get their name or number, but now the story has hit the media she is hoping Ellie and Kenna will accept a little thank you gift from her.

    David Carlin has one other hope - he'd read about the woman in Arizona who lost her ring in a candy bag, and hasn't got it back. He's hoping their story might inspire whoever found that ring to return it, too. We have a thread for that story here on WS:

    Video at link.
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