VA Logan Nathaniel Bowman (5) - Galax VA, 2003

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    Logan Nathaniel Bowman

    Endangered Missing -- Missing Since: January 7, 2003

    Missing From: Galax, Virginia

    Height: 3'2" -- Weight: 30 lbs -- Hair Color: Blonde -- Eye Color: Blue

    Logan has a healing fracture in his left arm from a previous injury, his teeth are decayed, and he has burn scars on his feet.

    Logan was last seen at home in early January, 2003. Logan's mother, Cynthia Davis, called the sheriff's department at 12:59 p.m. Jan. 26, 2003, and asked to talk to someone about a kidnapping. She also told the dispatcher that her son had gotten hurt, and that she had been held hostage by her boyfriend. Cynthia said she had not seen her son since Jan. 5. Later she told the dispatcher she hadn't seen him since Jan. 9.

    The dispatcher notified a sheriff's deputy about Cynthia's call. Cynthia told him that while she was asleep, Logan ran hot water to take a bath and "got burned pretty bad." She told the deputy that Logan had been missing since Jan. 7. She said that her boyfriend, Dennis Schermerhorn wouldn't let her take Logan to the doctor. Cynthia fell asleep and when she woke up, Logan was gone. Dennis told her he took Logan to his mother who was a registered nurse. Cynthia also told the deputy that Dennis held her hostage for two weeks and hit her with a flashlight.

    Cynthia also told Grayson's chief investigator that Logan had a stomach virus and had gotten up in the middle of the night - after he soiled himself - and "set in the hottest water." She also told the investigator that Dennis told her that Logan was with his father, Alvin Bowmann, and that Alvin would bring Logan home later. The investigator reported that Dennis' mother, Margaret Brandow, said she last saw Logan on Jan. 8. She said Logan was lying on a love seat at Dennis' trailer in Sherwood Trailer Park near Galax. Cynthia and Logan lived with Dennis. Logan was completely covered with a blanket, except for his head, and he never moved or said anything. Margaret told the investigator she thought Logan was asleep.

    Alvin Bowman, Logan's father, last saw his son on Christmas Day in 2002. Alvin had weekend visitation rights. He tried to pick up Logan on Jan. 3, 9, 10, and 17-19. He then notified the Grayson Department of Social Services and the sheriff's office around Jan. 21. On Jan. 26, Cynthia called Alvin and asked him to drop Logan off at Timmy Johnson's house on Stockyard Road. On Jan. 27, Alvin filed a missing child report.

    Logan's kindergarten teacher told authorities that Logan was not in school for several days. She called the truancy office and social services. She had also reported suspected abuse to the Grayson Department of Social Services on Nov. 19, 2002.
    Alternately, Dennis told investigators that the night Logan was burned, Cynthia took off in his car for about a day, according to police testimony. That was the last time he saw Logan, he told police. Somewhere in all of these events, Logan disappeared and has not been heard from since.

    In May 2004, Logan's mother, Cynthia Davis, was jailed for her role in his presumed death. Her estranged boyfriend, Dennis Schermerhorn, was charged as well.


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