Long, Wavy Haired Brunette With Beige Blanket

Discussion in 'Alcala and the Unidentified' started by Spacegirl, Apr 8, 2010.

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    I apologize if this girl already has a thread. I looked and did not see one. I'm really afraid for this girl due to the look on her face and the redness beneath her nose.

    Does anyone else think she looks like Debra Wilhite (pictured on right)?

    They appear to have the same distinctive nose, and many other features (eyebrows, face shape, hair), but I can't say for sure. She disappeared in 1974 from Indiana, but they think she may have went to Cali from there. At the time, she had bleached blonde hair and may have been pregnant. She could have went back to her natural color tho.
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    Earlier thread:
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    Debra Wilhite looks like a possibility but I wouldn't necessarily have taken her three different photos as the same person so perhaps I shouldn't say anything.

    It says on her page that all the photos are circa 1974 but some of them make her look much older. Maybe a couple of them are pregnant photos and that's why her face looks much rounder in them? It says "one of her daughters" so it suggests she must have been pregnant at least twice before her disappearance.
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