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Discussion in 'WS-BAY!' started by smile22, Jan 29, 2005.

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    hi does anyone know anything about piano's my sister just got a keyboard and is looking for some easy books to understand how to play it i know my grandma used to have a piano and these great books called the wolf collection or something it came with a color strip u put along the keys and u would play the songs in the book by the colors on the keys. she got rid of all that stuff when she moved does anyone know where i could find books like that
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    Just some info from a guitarist..
    There are a lot of great site's online for musician's and many great forum's.
    I just did a quick search for "Free piano sheetwork"..on google.
    If she's not tried this, I highly suggest it. I love keyboard's too!

    For any musician or vocalist, heck..you can even Karaoke of ya like!:boohoo:
    The library and a scanner too..lol....book's are soooo expensive!


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