Losing his pants, Oregon inmate gets collared again

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    PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — It was the pink underwear that gave away escaped inmate Keith "Lucky" Stratton — that and the fact his jail work pants kept falling down.
    The convicted car thief jumped from a truck carrying a prisoner work crew through Portland's Parkrose neighborhood on Tuesday.

    Someone called 911 and reported seeing a suspicious-looking man with pink underwear running behind a furniture store.

    "The inmate was wearing brown work crew pants, but apparently they kept falling down," said Multnomah County sheriff's Lt. Michael Shults.

    Stratton was still having trouble keeping his pants up when officers cornered him.

    Last April, the 32-year-old escaped from a community transition program. Police found him hiding in an apartment under a pile of dirty clothes and blankets, his feet poking out.

    Story from USA Today

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