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    The back of the photo reads:
    Louis Sodder. I love brother Frankie. Llil Boys A90132 or 35.
    This was sent to the mother specifically. This means that she should know what this means somehow. As someone who takes notes in a way that others find hard to understand I am going to put it in words of how it speaks to me. This is how I feel it would be written by most people in English:
    This is a photograph of or to Louis Sodder. I love you brother, (or I love his brother), Frankie. Llil boys. License plate A90-132 or A90-135.
    Perhaps llil boys is the last name Hilboys or Hilboy rather than llil boys. We could be looking at a person who doesn't speak perfect English and giving the name Frankie Hilboys with his license plate number.
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