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Discussion in 'Lyle Stevik' started by Roselvr, Jun 30, 2021.

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    I got an email from Find A Grave saying a duplicate memorial was merged into my "unknown unknown" Lyle Stevik memorial.

    A few years ago, Find A Grave removed all of the Doe names from the Doe memorials that I run, with it now saying Unknown Unknown as their name. I don't think it was done to other Does that I didn't run. Personally, I think someone was ticked about the Doe memorials I run.

    I clicked on the email, am shocked to see that someone apparently made a memorial with his real name which got merged with mine.

    I was able to add Lyle Stevik in the nick name field.

    Unfortunately I'm not able to edit the "biography" section to make it known that I'm not the one who went against his family's wishes and released his name because I'm sure I'll be getting some nasty comments in the flowers section.

    I just wanted to let everyone know that it was not me and if you speak to anyone about it, please pass on that it was not me.

    I knew his name would eventually get out. It really sucks that I can't edit the bio section to let everyone know it was not me.

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    Thank you Roselvr for all that you do.

    I hope, perhaps, that the change was made by family and that he is truly at peace now.
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    I thought his family had moved him?

    If they did and since there is no official obituary for him (I think), maybe you can ask to have his identifying information removed until they can be verified.

    I mean it should be removed anyway, it literally says right there on his page:

    I'd go with my first suggestion though, I doubt the people at findagrave have any morals. jmo

    BTW, there are other "Unknown Unknown"'s there not managed by you, I noticed this a few years back. I think they are changing them as some people are actually called Jane and John Doe.
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