GUILTY MA - Aaron Hernandez, New England Patriots player, charged with homicides #3

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Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 2m2 minutes ago
We're getting ready to start again, its day 27 in the #AaronHernandez murder trial. -RK
susan candiotti cnn ‏@susancandiotti 11s12 seconds ago
#AaronHernandez Good morning from court; AH and jury in place; no family here for AH 2day; victim Odin LLoyd's mom,relatives here as always
The Gold Patrol™ ‏@thegoldpatrol 2m2 minutes ago
#AaronHernandez next witness is Vance Hayes, from LA. From VA Beach, worked at clothing distribution company.
Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 2m2 minutes ago
Hayes then moved to LA to work for a Men's footwear company called "Creative Recreation" where he is VP of Operations. #AaronHernandez -RK
Hernandez trial: Doubts surface in Glock Inc. manager's testimony
Thu Mar. 12, 2015

Aaron Hernandez trial: Day 26

Aaron Hernandez’s legal team on Thursday attempted to debunk the damning testimony of Glock Inc. district manager Kyle Aspinwall, who on Wednesday told jurors that Hernandez appeared to be a holding a Glock semiautomatic pistol minutes after Odin Lloyd’s death. Aspinwall’s remarks on Wednesday were especially damaging since Bristol County (Mass.) prosecutors contend that Lloyd was shot dead by a .45-caliber Glock semiautomatic pistol.
The Gold Patrol™ ‏@thegoldpatrol 55s55 seconds ago
Hayes was sent photo and asked to ID shoes in pic. #AaronHernandez
The Gold Patrol™ ‏@thegoldpatrol 27s28 seconds ago
The shoes had been manufactured from 06’ and still is in production #AaronHernandez
The Gold Patrol™ ‏@thegoldpatrol 12s12 seconds ago
Color of shoes - Red Herringbone. In June 13’ 13-20 variations of that shoe color and composition made #AaronHernandez
Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 5m5 minutes ago
DA McCauley questioning Hayes about these shoes. Only 1446 pairs made. Made in Vietnam. #AaronHernandez -RK
susan candiotti cnn ‏@susancandiotti 2m2 minutes ago
#AaronHernandez Investigators shot pics of red shoes in AH basement closet, but apparently overlooked seizing them in 6/13 @MDRozsaCNN
Adam Bagni ‏@NBC10_Adam · 4m4 minutes ago
This is interesting, because prosecutors have only showed Nike Air Jordan sneakers thus far - which were taken from #AaronHernandez home
susan candiotti cnn ‏@susancandiotti 6m6 minutes ago
#AaronHernandez Pros apparently using witness to ID Wallace's alleged red shoes from police photograph b/c investigators didn't seize them
susan candiotti cnn ‏@susancandiotti · 5m5 minutes ago
#AaronHernandez Prosecutor will try to show the red shoes are same worn by Ernest Wallace on home video night LLoyd is killed @LawrenceCNN
The Gold Patrol™ ‏@thegoldpatrol 31s31 seconds ago
These shoes are seen on Wallace on the surveillance video from #AaronHernandez home.
The Gold Patrol™ ‏@thegoldpatrol 2m2 minutes ago
These shoes are suspected to have been worn by Wallace at the time if Lloyd’s murder. #AaronHernandez
Christina Hager ‏@HagerWBZ 29s29 seconds ago
Vance Hayes, Creative Recreation testifies, brand of #AaronHernandez alleged accomplice Ernest Wallace shoes
Jeffrey Evan Gold ‏@jeffgoldesq 3m3 minutes ago Indiana, USA
"@susancandiotti: #AaronHernandez police foto of 3 shoe pairs worn by AH, Wallace, Ortiz left in AH man cave closet "
Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 2m2 minutes ago
Tag shows size, model, and production date. #AaronHernandez didn't wear size 9 shoes. Maybe Wallace? -RK
The Gold Patrol™ ‏@thegoldpatrol 22s22 seconds ago
Photo of #AaronHernandez closet. Pointing to shoes in closet. Wallace stayed w AH at times. Slept in basement bedroom

The Gold Patrol™ ‏@thegoldpatrol 1m1 minute ago
Sultan on cross. #AaronHernandez watches closely. Witness excused after Sultan says knockoff made of shoes
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