GUILTY MA - Aaron Hernandez, New England Patriots player, charged with homicides #3

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Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 8s9 seconds ago
Bennett guesses where Sultan is going: "Confirmational Bias exists." He was prepared for that line of questioning. #AaronHernandez -RK
I thought the footwear impressions were really good evidence. AH's lawyer trying to tear the guy down because it's all he has.
Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 27s28 seconds ago
Questioning establishing that you need sufficient detail to make an accurate comparison. Makes sense. #AaronHernandez -RK
susan candiotti cnn ‏@susancandiotti 57s57 seconds ago
#AaronHernandez Defense cross: challenging creds of veteran trooper, q's whether there was enough detail to make a valid shoe comparison
The Gold Patrol™ ‏@thegoldpatrol 1m1 minute ago
No other shoe impressions within a 50 ft radius from body other than ones on tire tracks. #AaronHernandez
The Gold Patrol™ ‏@thegoldpatrol 1m1 minute ago
Bennett says there were 15 different showe impressions at scene of crime. Sultan says they will talk about those #AaronHernandez
Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 31s31 seconds ago
Bennett: In my experience photographs have been more helpful than casts. #AaronHernandez -RK
The Gold Patrol™ ‏@thegoldpatrol 29s29 seconds ago
Sultan asks why Bennett didn’t make hard impressions of shoes
(with the stuff dentists use). #AaronHernandez
The Gold Patrol™ ‏@thegoldpatrol 53s54 seconds ago
March 2014 was the first time Bennett started working on the impressions #AaronHernandez
Bennett is a solid witness. I am enjoying watching this cross exam.
The Gold Patrol™ ‏@thegoldpatrol 2m2 minutes ago
Sultan - your conclusion in your report came from a photograph?
susan candiotti cnn ‏@susancandiotti 4m4 minutes ago
#AaronHernandez END OF THE DAY, judge gives her usual instruction: Keep your mind suspended"
Aaron Hernandez's defense bristles over recorded jailhouse phone calls

FALL RIVER, Mass. – Aaron Hernandez understood that anything and everything he said into the phone at the Bristol County (Mass.) House of Corrections would be recorded, reprinted and potentially used against him.

"Hey, [watch] what you say," he told his aunt, Tanya Singleton. "The phone is recorded."

"I know, I know, I know," she said back.

So the select transcripts of 23 conversations Hernandez had with Singleton, live-in girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins and others, including Mike Pouncey, a former Florida Gator teammate and current Miami Dolphin, were controlled, careful and mostly innocuous.

Some of them, though, are rather telling. And if nothing else, the prosecution may have wanted them admitted into evidence just to get them made public and potentially drive a wedge into the Hernandez camp, of which any defection could seal the murder case against the former New England Patriots star.

Much more at the link.
:dunno: I don't think the phone calls in the link above are anything earth shattering.
:dunno: I don't think the phone calls in the link above are anything earth shattering.

I don't either. The only thing is that if I was in jail and was innocent, I would be discussing the heck out of the case with people who called trying to figure out why they thought I did it.
Brian Fraga ‏@BfragaHN · 15m15 minutes ago
Hearing that Mass Trial Court security higher-ups showing up today in wake of #AaronHernandez's mom kissing his hand in court Tuesday

Brian Fraga ‏@BfragaHN · 12m12 minutes ago
FYI; this is Day 29 of testimony, 30th day of the trial (counts the jury view) #AaronHernandez
Bob McGovern ‏@BobMcGovernJr · 6m6 minutes ago
Here at Fall River for another day of testimony in the murder trial of #AaronHernandez. WiFi is down on media row. Updates may be infrequent
Bob McGovern ‏@BobMcGovernJr · 3m3 minutes ago
Judge Garsh asks attorneys and #AaronHernandez to head up to sidebar. She received a note from a juror

Brian Fraga ‏@BfragaHN · 3m3 minutes ago
Judge Garsh enters courtroom, asks to see attorneys and #AaronHernandez at sidebar before jury is called in.

Adam Bagni ‏@NBC10_Adam · 3m3 minutes ago
We start with a sidebar that INCLUDES #AaronHernandez. That usually means a juror issue.

Susan Campbell ‏@S_E_Campbell · 2m2 minutes ago
We're starting the day at a sidebar with attorneys & #AaronHernandez - this usually means a scheduling or juror issue @wpri12

Christina Hager ‏@HagerWBZ · 3m3 minutes ago
Note from a juror. #AaronHernandez & attorneys huddling with judge. Last week, one if them had a not about a medical issue.
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