MA MA - Candace Scola, 32, Worcester, 5 July 2002

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    I couldn't find any threads on the 4 year old murder case of Candace Scola. This happened in the same town as Molly Bish and there is another case of suspected murder but no body found of a man named Kevin Harkins. This article talks about all 3 cases.

    Public suspicion quickly fell upon Candace’s husband, Anthony Scola. Formerly of the DA’s office, a member of a prominent family that includes a judge, Scola has always maintained his innocence. Yet even his own legal representation noted in the days after the murder that it made sense to take a look at Anthony. “But we’re not naïve and we’re not foolish,” attorney Michael Wilcox told the Telegram and Gazette’s Dianne Williamson for her column of July 11, 2002 — six days after Candace was found. “He’s the husband of a woman who has been found killed. By all accounts, the relationship had its problems. Even in the best of circumstances, the initial gaze of police would be directed at the spouse.”

    That stormy relationship between the two has been widely documented in the media and by friends of Candace Scola’s; at the time of her death, the couple was awaiting a court date on an assault and battery charge Anthony had brought against Candace (reportedly in response to a restraining order she had taken out against him).

    Much more at link.
    Old Broad

    MOD NOTE: Kevin Harkins murder solved.
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    From July 2012:

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    Bump for Candace.

    This piece from January, 2017 includes a bit on where things currently stand with the case (as well as several other Worcester area cases).

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