MA - Lizzie Borden: Axe murders, Fall River, 4 Aug 1892

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    I have always been interested in two things about this case: the fact that different witnesses contradicted each other when asked what Lizzie was wearing ( a dark blue dress with a light pattern, no it was a light blue dress with a dark blue sprig pattern...). She apparently gave the prosecution a silk-fabric like dress and said that that was what she had been wearing. Then there was the infamous "pink wrapper"- the equivalent of an informal house dress that she was wearing the afternoon of the murders. Wrappers were not worn in public. It seems that she changed her clothes that day (several times). An all male jury most likely would have found descriptions of the dress fabrics, different dresses, and fabric designs confusing.
    The second thing is that after the bodies were discovered, police officers were going upstairs to search the upper floors, Lizzie was seen walking out of Emma's room and a rolled up cloth bundle was seen on the floor of Emma's closet. Why would Lizzie be in Emma's room? Emma had been out of town for a couple of weeks. The rolled up bundle seems to have disappeared shortly thereafter. Was Lizzie hiding the murder clothes in Emma's closet and heard the officers coming upstairs, and couldn't quite finish hiding the bundle underneath Emma's clothes? If Lizzie didn't remove the bundle, who did? Morse, Emma, or Bridget?
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