MA - Man allegedly attempts scam of Marathon fund, invents "double amputee aunt"

Discussion in 'Up to the Minute' started by wfgodot, Jul 3, 2013.

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    Mass. man accused of filing fake marathon claim. (Portland [ME] Press Herald)
    more at the link
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    That is just disgusting.

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    "Accused Boston Marathon bombing scammer sues police for catching him"

    "The South End lyricist is representing himself and seeking $100,000 in damages in the civil suit filed December 23, the Boston Herald reported."

    "The suit comes after both Mr Mattier and brother Domunique Grice, 28, were accused by the MSP of trying to con almost $2.2million from the fund after filing a claim using the name of a dead aunt under the guise of her losing her legs in the attack."

    "The duo even attended a dinner for victims and their families, the Herald noted."

    "In a scene straight of a movie, police teamed up with FedEx to snag the brothers by having an undercover trooper dress as a FedEx employee July 2 to hand deliver the fake check."

    "FedEx is also named as a defendant in the misconduct suit."

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