GUILTY MA - Noemi Roman, 19, brutally murdered, Boston, 31 May 1990

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    But on the afternoon of May 31, 1990, it all came undone when a blade was jabbed through her throat and her head was bashed off a nightstand in her South End bedroom as her toddler watched.

    Tomorrow, Kurvin D. Richardson, 34, of Roxbury, a former family friend who hung out with one of Roman's five sisters, will be arraigned for the cold-case murder at 40 Peterborough St. Police allege he committed the crime when, like Roman, he was just 19.

    A stunned co-worker at ARBOR Associates of Boston, unaware yesterday that Richardson was under arrest, described him as a ``star employee'' whose field work includes helping special needs children in Boston Public Schools.

    Richardson has worked for ARBOR since 1993. Three years ago, he was named both Massachusetts Staffing Employee of the Year and the Mental Health Services Program for Youth's ``Unsung Hero.''
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