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Jan 29, 2019
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Date Body Found April 11, 2007
Location Found North Attleborough, Massachusetts
Circumstances of Recovery - found in a public space

Male, White / Caucasian
Estimated Age Group Adult - Pre 50
Estimated Age Range (Years)40-50
Estimated Year of Death2006-2007
Estimated PMI--
Inventory of Remains All parts recovered
Condition of Remains Not recognizable - Mummified
Height 5' 5"(65 inches) , Measured
Weight 153 lbs, Measured
Hair Color Gray or Partially Gray
Head Hair Description "Dark brown with gray 3 inches"
Facial Hair Description - mustache & goatee
Eye Color Unknown
Other distinctive physical characteristic - 2 teardrop shaped areas of darker pigment on the upper right abdomen.

Accessories - none -Near the Body
Clothing - blue coat White shirt black sweat pants gray underwear - On the Body
Clothing - none - Near the Body
Eyewear - none - On the Body
Footwear - white socks sneakers - On the Body
Jewelry - none - On the Body

NamUs #UP15501
NamUs Case Created July 25, 2016
ME/C Case Number 2007-8457

An apparent suicide sparked an investigation in North Attleborough on April 11, 2007, when a man walking his dog found a man’s body in the woods off Grandview Drive.

“They came across a deceased person, who the autopsy revealed had hanged himself,” Quinn said.

The medical examiner determined the victim was a Caucasian man, between 40 and 50 years old, with dark brown hair that hard started to gray, and a mustache and a goatee. He was described as approximately 5 feet, 5 inches tall with a moderate build.

They also learned the victim’s body was found several months after he died by suicide.

The only evidence police found on the victim was a small amount of cash and a pair of reading glasses.

“North Attleborough is close to Rhode Island, so information was put out through the media to see if the individual may have been connected to Rhode Island,” Quinn said. “DNA was taken, but to this day, there has been no connection to anyone and there has not been an identification.”
I have. It doesn't mean anything to do with bandages and ancient Egypt. It's referring to how a body has changed after death. Mummification can be caused by a number of different environmental factors.
I know it's not like The Mummy, I just had difficulty picturing natural mummification when a body is out in a temperate forest.
I know it's not like The Mummy, I just had difficulty picturing natural mummification when a body is out in a temperate forest.
I'm sure there's plenty out there to read, but I'm not sure whether you actually want me to look for links... I am aware that most people aren't as interested in the science of death as I am.

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