MA - Professor Karen Read, 43, charged with murdering police officer boyfriend John O'Keefe by hitting him with car, Canton, 14 Apr 2023 #10

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My boss has left me alone in the office so now I'm now able to watch the stream. Did you see the looks on the O'Keefe family's faces during that last sidebar? They look absolutely crushed.

I'm gutted for them. I can't even imagine the complexity of their feelings right now. Watching this circus is enraging to me and I'm an outsider. Can't imagine this being about my loved one. The CW have absolutely failed JO and any chance of getting justice, JMO.
Maybe that's how it left the bar with him, it somehow became "attached" to his hand.
I will say that I bet there are several guys in my son's frat that can tumble down a flight of stairs with a beer in their hand and not spill a drop. But I still don't think they could hold onto their drink after getting "sideswiped" by a 2-ton SUV and flung 30 feet in the air with a fatal injury.
Did the person that got nudged think it was funny? If so, I would find that to be a strange reaction to being struck by a car no matter how

He was fine, the driver was more shaken. Another incident, a guy knocked my brother off his bike, he was bruised, cut. The driver was just about having a panic attack. My brother said if you drive me to a bike shop and get my bike fixed, then drive me home we are all good. That is exactly what happened
Does anyone know if the CW has ever tried to enter any kind of digital reconstruction using AI or other hi-tech means to indicate how the impact went? I know that we have had this kind of technology for years, as I have seen it in many true crime docs. One in particular I remember is the case where the woman fell down the stairs. (I can't remember the specific case.)
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