MA - Professor Karen Read, 43, charged with murdering police officer boyfriend John O'Keefe by hitting him with car, Canton, 14 Apr 2023 #10

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DNA Solves
DNA Solves
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Hmm I'm not fully satisfied with that. So if I wanted to avoid detection, atleast time-frame wise, I could just always leave a browser open/in the background, search for whatever I felt like, yet the timestamp would remain when it was first created? Seems wrong to me but ofcourse I am no expert at all in this field.
Nor am I. I am keen to see reports from Google’s own servers.

Google is notorious for hoarding user data/information as evidenced through all the lawsuits against them. Users must opt out of having their personal information/search history/location data saved in Google’s servers. Many users don’t realize just how much data they give up by using Google’s suite of products.

I’ll only concede JMcC didn’t make that 2:27am search when official Google server data records are produced and reflect the times of her searches.

If Google says she didn’t make the search at 2:27am, I’ll don my bib and happily eat crow.
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Day 26 in the Karen Read murder trial in Dedham where Trooper Joe Paul is being cross examined by Al Jackson over his conclusions that John O’Keefe was hit by Reads SUV…under the current pace of the case a verdict sometime in July isn’t so far fetched



I’m new to this and in the UK and finding this case absolutely fascinating, I do have some questions
1 / where is Johns coat , this would be damaged by car , we know he had coat on because paramedic said they don’t cut puffas off ,they took it of him physically, if the coat is not damaged someone must have dressed him also coat damage should aline with wounds on arm. My personal opinion dog incisor tooth marks dragged down the skin.
The whole case is sketchy and all of the people ,all drunk , I wouldn’t trust any of them.
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