MA - Professor Karen Read, 43, charged with murdering police officer boyfriend John O'Keefe by hitting him with car, Canton, 14 Apr 2023 #4

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Idk I’m here thinking pretty much her entire testimony thus far today is willfully obstructive
I agree. JMc appears to be a hostile witness and over prepped. I don’t find her honest. I find her being overly careful as to how to answer questions which comes across as lying. Why not tell the truth if there’s nothing to hide?!
Why are they trying so hard to put Brian Higgins' jeep in front of the Alberts house, parked next to the mailbox the night? It seems like only a few people saw it (Matt and Jenn McCabe). What is the purpose of pushing this narrative? Have I missed something?

The only thing I’ve wondered is whether it’s to explain the injuries. JOK head injury included a very distinct straight line laceration to the back of the head - are they gonna try to explain that with she hit him and as he fell back his head the plow blade? I doubt they’d try to assert that though bc wouldn’t he havd then fallen in front of jeep? I have no idea but it’s definitely interesting that now suddenly his jeep supposedly there
Jackson to Jen McCabe paraphrased:

I know you'd like to keep editorialising but this isn't the place for that... so just answer yes or no


eta and yet she keeps doing it and Jackson is pulling her up ad nauseum. Put her in line judge
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