MA - Professor Karen Read, 43, charged with murdering police officer boyfriend John O'Keefe by hitting him with car, Canton, 14 Apr 2023 #8

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Video evidence submitted by the Commonwealth seems to show Karen Read out driving in the early morning hours after John O'Keefe was killed, driving towards the Waterfall Bar and Grille and then back towards the area that Tully has stated includes 34 Fairview.

This is before Karen connects with Roberts or McCabe.
Why was KR driving to the bar and not to the house where she last saw O'Keefe?
Didn’t MP imply that the Ring footage at JOK’s show KR return at 12:41 AM that night?

And yet JMcC is still texting JOK at 12:40, 12:42 and 12:45 to ask where he is or if he is coming in. It can’t be because she thinks he is still sitting in KR’s vehicle because KR was already at JO’s home by then. Additionally, JMcC says she sees KR’s by the flag pole to the left of the house for 15 minutes or until 12:45 but JO’s Ring camera seems to contradict that.

If the implication about JO’s Ring camera is true and JMcC is still texting and looking for JO after KR’s vehicle is gone this could imply she did see him get out of the vehicle and head towards the house.


How long of a drive was it from the Albert home to John's house? Anyone know off the top of their head?

Tully describes how they use cell tower data to track phone movements. Says phones usually connect to closest tower but not always. Says phone connect to tower for data even when the phone is not actively being used.


Tully says cell phone data shows Read's phone was somewhere on the red arc on this map at 518am. (Prosecution is trying to suggest Read went back to 34 Fairview before going to McCabe's residence.)

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