MA - Professor Karen Read, 43, charged with murdering police officer boyfriend John O'Keefe by hitting him with car, Canton, 14 Apr 2023 #8

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The dog, Chloe, did not disappear. Nicole Albert testified that the dog was rehomed to a farm in VA or VT or some other state. She maintains she knows exactly where Chloe is but she is not divulging that info.
If the dog's location was public knowledge I would fear for Chloe's safety. There's some very aggressive 'sleuths' that would at the very least trespass and harass the dog and it's owner.
The dog, Chloe, did not disappear. Nicole Albert testified that the dog was rehomed to a farm in VA or VT or some other state. She maintains she knows exactly where Chloe is but she is not divulging that info.
Sounds like the dog could be with Zanny the nanny. Is that what your saying?
Or like everyone knows where the dog is including the defense?
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I fully expect she will be found not guilty. It seems likely she will be able to sue the Canton PD and the State for violation of her civil rights (?). Does anyone else think this is likely or not?

Additionally, most of the investigative material from the federal investigation was not permitted by the judge in this trial. If there was a civil suit, would the material from the federal investigation be available for it?
I sure hope so.
She deserves that, at least.
I am going to flip this and ask about all the people who are not charged with murder but have been called murderers, eg. Colin Albert. They have been subjected to harassment and there's been some wild stuff said about them on social media. Do they have any recourse i.e. civil suits against Tik Tockers/You Tubers?

You can sue anyone for anything in the US, but Colin would be very unwise to sue anyone here.

See Terry Hobbs of West Memphis 3 fame vs Natalie Pasdar and the Dixie Chicks. First, Colin would be considered an involuntary public figure and therefore the bar is much higher for him to prove he was defamed. Secondly, he'd have to sit for a deposition and testify under oath where anything can and would be used against him in a court of law.
And I have seen enough posts from locals to know that KR was considered an outsider, she was not a townie or a statie or whatever they call themselves (those from Canton). I admit to not really understanding that since where I live there are few natives, but seems to be a big thing around Boston area.

I think your post is tongue in cheek but recent posts about "CW" have me thinking there are a lot of new posters here lately, so here goes:

Statie = member of the MA state police, "trooper"

Townie = a person who grew up in a particular town and either returned there after college or still lives there to this day. There are other aspects to being a "townie" but that's the gist vs. an outsider like someone who moved there in adulthood or to attend college there. This colloquialism is not specific to Canton, it's used throughout the greater Boston area and further out as well.

Karen Read was neither a statie nor a townie, as viewed by people from Canton.
I don't think that model Lexus would use old-fashioned glass bulbs for taillights. Does any modern car?

I believe the "bulb" is a LED that's integrated into the taillight housing. Someone who knows more about this may correct me, but I believe you can see the LEDs still intact in the taillight that was removed from the car.
My hubby works collision repair. i CANT WAIT for him to question him over this photo.
This is speculation on my part, but I wouldn’t think generally MP would have had a need to review KR’s medical records in regard to the case circumstances.
I’m leaning towards him learning info from her phone and or JO’s. I would hope internally there would be some sort of reprimand to MP for sharing that info as you mentioned. But who knows? Maybe part of the Fed inquiry .
Yes Aquarian, exactly….. and I full agree. And ‘door number three’ would be if proctor obtained them from someone else that should not have disclosed it to him? And depending on that source, perhaps they are criminally liable - which would open up other avenues perhaps IMO?

And also hoping that the investigation into proctor (and any others involved) is deep and thorough. IIRC I thought there was some reference to an ‘internal affairs’ investigation of perhaps proctor and / or others on that? Yet I’ve also seen reference to federal or possibly FBI involvement but not sure?

Do we know exactly what authorities are looking into proctor and other conduct in this case? MOO

This Boston25 News Online June 11, 2024 article entitled “Lead investigator reads his ‘unprofessional & regrettable’ texts on stand in Karen Read murder trial” cites a ‘State Police internal affairs investigation’:

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