MA - Social Media and Criminal Harassment

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    "CONCORD – The state Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that a juvenile's profane instant messages sent by computer to the mother of one of his friends amounts to criminal harassment.

    The court rejected the boy's argument that the 20 messages sent over the course of 56 minutes amounted to a single conversation. The law requires repeated communications for a harassment conviction."

    Mom signed on to her daughter's AOL account in order to locate her-the boy saw through her ruse and started sending obscene and insulting messages. He was found responsible of the charges and was ruled a delinquent. The Supreme Court upheld the lower court's ruling.

    This is interesting-NH harassment laws were reworked in 1999 to include internet communications-multiple messages were compared to repeatedly leaving messages on an answering machine....'s+profane+IMs+ruled+illegal+by+court
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    Thanks believe! I hope other states follow suit - it would help with the cyber bullying also, I think.


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