Man Accused Of Attacking Girlfriend With Cactus

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    A Wisconsin man was arrested after police said he attacked his girlfriend with an unusual weapon -- a cactus.

    Nathaniel Radzicki, 22, is being held in the Sheboygan Jail for allegedly striking the woman with a softball-size plant several times in the face.

    According to the criminal complaint, the incident allegedly occurred Wednesday at about 10:30 p.m. at Radzicki's third floor apartment.

    The alleged victim said in the criminal complaint that, "Nathaniel went psycho. He acted like he was possessed -- like he was the devil."

    The woman required several stitches to her right, upper lip and suffered a broken right eardrum. The nursing staff also had to use tweezers to pick the large thorns from her skin.

    Sheboygan County District Attorney Joe DeCecco said he has never seen a plant used as a weapon."I've seen snow shovels. I've seen luggage. I've seen plates, I've seen the usual array of food knives being converted into a weapon like this, (but) I've never seen a plant being used in this manner," he said.
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    We are developing a piece of property that has a hiking trail that runs behind it.
    When the neighbors told me that they were robbed by someone walking the trail, I planted cactus along my boundary. I will throw it if needed.:crazy:

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