Man accused of mailing dead animals, used condoms to homes is busted

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    If sometime in the past 10 years, a mattress you didn't order showed up to your home, if your electricity was mysteriously turned off or if you received a Christmas card with a dead rat or bird, then you might be a victim of what State Police call a "Rodack Sampler."

    The title stems from Jack Rodack, 50, of Central Islip, who was arrested for committing those offenses, along with others, against people on Long Island, New York City, New Jersey and upstate, said New York State Police Investigator Susan Mulvey of the Endwell barracks in Broome County.

    [/font][font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica] Mulvey said yesterday that Rodack performed several antics:

    Mailing dead animals and used condoms to people's homes; changing or forwarding addresses of other people through the postal service; placing real estate ads in newspapers for places that weren't available, inundating victims with unwanted calls; calling police to homes that didn't need help; and reporting child abuse that didn't take place.

    "One woman had more than 20 child abuse calls made about her," Mulvey said.

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    Oh my. Oh MY.

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