Man allegedly set fatal fire in order to better see his drugs

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    (02/21/05 - HOUSTON) — Police say a man admitted to setting the house fire which killed a Houston firefighter. Now he's in custody.

    The Houston Fire Department announced the arrest at a press conference Monday morning. HFD arson investigators and HPD homicide detectives said that a fire that was intentionally set ended up killing Captain Grady Burke.
    Jack Cordua, 44, has been placed under arrest. Authorities picked up Cordua on Saturday along with other witnesses. A specially trained dog reportedly smelled accelerant on his clothes. Then police say Cordua confessed to starting a small fire in the dark, abandoned Houston home.

    HPD Homicide Detective Brian Harris said, "Basically, he lit the fire so he could see how to use his drugs -- so he could load the drugs in his pipe and pack his pipe."

    By the time firefighters arrived, the house was engulfed in flames. Captain Grady Burke never knew the house was abandoned. Captain Burke died when the building collapsed and when he became trapped.

    As for the suspect, charges are pending.
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