Man Arrested For 'Filling' The Tank

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    An attempt by a Chesapeake City, Md. man to introduce an organic gasoline additive to a stranger’s gas tank ended in his arrest for malicious destruction and disorderly intoxication. John Adam Wesolowski, 24, was arrested early Sunday morning after a witness told police he saw him urinate into a car’s gas tank. The witness called police from a cell phone after he said he Wesolowski approach a 2005 Pontiac Gran Prix, unscrew the gas cap, place his penis in the receptacle and then urinate.

    Ocean City Police Department Pfc. Freddie Howard, Sgt. Howard Whaley and Officer James Rodriguez responded to the call. The officers spoke with the witness in the parking lot of the Ramada Inn at 42nd Street.

    The officers approached the car and found a puddle of liquid on the asphalt underneath the fuel tank opening. Wesolowski was located a short time later.
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