Man charged with DWI twice in one night.

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    What a dumbass! :tsktsk:


    Webster man charged with DWI twice in one night
    Gary Craig • Staff writer • August 22, 2010

    An allegedly drunken Webster man managed to get charged with driving while intoxicated for the operation of two different vehicles Saturday night, according to the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office.

    Deputies allege that George John Fishell Jr., 23, ran his 1997 Toyota pickup into a tree on Morrow Hill Road in Bristol Saturday night. Fishell then ran from the scene, only to return to it on an all-terrain vehicle, deputies say....

    For those unfamiliar with this area Bristol is approx. 37 miles from Webster. I'd like to know where he got the ATV from. Did he go home to get it or did he borrow a friend's who lives in the area. It seems like 38 miles is a long walk home and ride back to Bristol. :waitasec:
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