Man Discusses Four-Day Ordeal After Rescue From Woods

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    So many people take that effort to save one simple old runner who went out and made a really dumb mistake, for that I will be forever, ever grateful," Meadows said.

    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- A man who was lost in the woods for four days shared his story Tuesday about how it all happened. Eddie Meadows, 62, remained hospitalized Tuesday after being rescued from a swampy area near the University of Central Florida on Monday, four days after he disappeared.

    Meadows said he was training for the Baltimore Marathon, but he never thought a jog through a UCF nature trail would take four days and nights.

    "I feel great!" Meadows exclaimed Tuesday.

    He said he is ready to go running again, only this time he'll stick to a paved path after four days and nights lost in a thickly-wooded area on the UCF campus.

    "I was wandering around the whole time, and the only time when I wasn't wandering was at night, where I didn't have light to see where I could go," he explained.
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