Man divorces 'sleeping' wife

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    A Muslim man in India has allegedly divorced his wife while she was asleep.

    Firdause was sleeping at her father's home when thirty-year-old Shahzad Alam uttered 'talaq' (I divorce you) three times.

    The 14-year-old from Purana Kasbe in Uttar Pradesh was married to Shahzad last month after a seven-year engagement.

    The Telegraph of Calcutta quotes the girl's father, Israul Mahmood: "After marriage, Firdause was living at our place, hoping her husband would soon take her to his house. But that did not happen.

    "The groom came one day this week when Firdause was asleep, uttered triple talaq in front of all of us and left. We are in a state of shock."

    It is reported that community leaders - clergymen backed by members of the local council - have called for a 'social boycott' of the groom's family.

    Council chief Mohammad Ismail said: "The villagers are angry over the shameful incident and we are concerned over the future of Firdause.

    "Temporarily, we have socially boycotted the family of the groom and referred the case to the local kazi to decide on the divorce."
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