Man eats $88.95 worth of food, then tells waitress he's broke

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    For him, fancy meals are steals
    26 fine restaurants ate homeless man's bills Brian Patrick Cahill ate like a king.

    Filet mignon. Shrimp scampi. A bunch of beers and some Seagram's VO at the Fireside Restaurant in Denville on Wednesday night.

    Then he got the bill, $88.95, and broke the bad news to the waitress: He's homeless and has no money, authorities said yesterday.

    The police were called. The 41-year-old man was arrested on the spot, charged with theft by deception and sent to the Morris County Jail in lieu of $1,500 bail.

    "He had a good meal and plenty to drink," Lt. Randy Weick said. "But he knew he couldn't pay for it."

    Cahill said he's pulled that stunt about 26 times over the last decade in Morristown, Newark, Fairfield, Vernon, Lincoln Park, Boonton and Parsippany, with the most expensive tabs running $110 to $120. He's gotten away with it maybe a handful of times.

    "I don't go to rinky-dink places, only fine restaurants. ... I'm surprised they serve me," he said, noting in his most recent visits to restaurants he's worn black slacks, a navy blue T-shirt and black sneakers.

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