Man finds $10,000 in his recently purchased home

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    Not too many people happen upon $10,000 cash -- particularly in their own home.

    But when Katsumasa Hibino, 35, had a cable modem installed two weeks ago in the home he recently purchased in Orem, he discovered a metal box hidden behind a vent between the living room and kitchen. It was stuffed with money.

    "It was kind of scary ... to find that much money," he said. "I thought, 'Who is the owner?' "

    Hibino said the thought of keeping the money never entered his mind. Instead he spoke with his employer John Farley about what to do. Farley advised him to call the Orem Department of Public Safety.

    Sgt. Bill Young met with Hibino and took the money into police custody until the rightful owner could be determined. During the investigation to locate the owner, Young said the cable installer wanted to keep the money, but Hibino wouldn't hear it.

    "That's another thing about his integrity," Young said.

    Lt. Doug Edwards, Orem Department of Public Safety spokesman, said the home's previous owners had lived there from 1986 until 2003, when the husband died.
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    I thought that when you bought a house you also owned anything that was the home

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