Man found guilty of injuring woman during castration

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    Doug Lenhart is a learned man, but he's no physician, a fact he admitted in a guilty plea yesterday to charges that he posed as a doctor and seriously injured a McKeesport woman seeking a gender change operation.

    Lenhart, who has a doctorate in business administration, last year answered an Internet ad from the desperate, 45-year-old woman seeking to have her male genitalia removed.

    The botched operation was performed Sept. 12 in the woman's dining room. Lenhart, 48, had suggested doing it in a hotel because his medical facilities were not available.

    Without the use of anesthesia, Lenhart began removing the testicles when the woman began bleeding profusely and passing in and out of consciousness because of the pain, Assistant District Attorney Janet Necessary said yesterday.

    A friend called 911 and Lenhart left the residence before police and paramedics arrived. The woman spent two days recovering in the hospital.

    Lenhart, who said he is from Kansas, had been charged with two counts of aggravated assault and unauthorized practice of medicine or surgery.

    Necessary agreed to withdraw one count of aggravated assault in exchange for Lenhart's plea.

    Common Pleas Judge John A. Zottola set sentencing for Sept. 30. Lenhart told police that he has performed such surgeries in the past on people and animals without complications.

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