Man hopes to catch a trout, but gets a wedding gown instead

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    LYNNWOOD - It was early Monday morning and Ryan Snow was casting his line into Martha Lake.

    Snow, 22, of Lynnwood, was looking for trout and hooked something really heavy. He thought he snagged a log or something on the bottom.

    Instead he pulled up a white dress, muddy and rusty. He couldn't see what was in the dress - and he was scared to find out if something was.

    "I thought it still had something in it," he said.

    He called his uncle Mark Snow, 50, who was on shore, to come help.

    They pulled on the dress. Up it came, and it kept coming. "I had no clue what would happen," Ryan Snow said.

    It was an empty wedding gown. Muddy and brown, with some rust. The blue beads along the front and hem gave the anglers an idea of how it must have looked.

    "I'm sure it was gorgeous," Mark Snow said.
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