Man Hopes to Take Big Bite Out of Vets Over Dead Dog

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    Marc Bluestone changed his life for her. He restructured his house, built a home office and refused to travel anywhere she wasn't allowed. It was "pure love."

    But Shane, his beloved Labrador, died five years ago. Bluestone, 61, blames All-Care Animal Referral Center for her death and is waging a crusade to "bring justice under the law." Thus far, he has spent more than $375,000 in an effort to prove the center's veterinarians were responsible for his dog's death.

    Fountain Valley-based All-Care has faced scrutiny in the past. In August, one of its veterinarians was disciplined for allowing an unlicensed technician to perform medical procedures. Although the animal hospital has faced a flurry of small-claims cases, Bluestone is the first to bring its officials face to face with a jury.

    At issue is whether the veterinarians responsible for Shane's care, Dr. Robert L. Rooks and Dr. Craig Bergstrom, intentionally harmed Bluestone's pet by subjecting her to unnecessary medical procedures.

    In January 1999, Bluestone of Sherman Oaks said he brought the 3-year-old dog to the nationally renowned center to cure her persistent seizures. But 2 1/2 months and $24,000 later, his dog was dead.

    "My whole body is bleeding and it will be for life, with what was perpetrated with the killing of my Shane," Bluestone said. "It just tears into my heart and soul so deep."
    Full Sotry from the LA TImes
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