Man shares his golf cart with rabbit and bobcat

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    Aside from a few scratches, 25-pound cat left Mo. water plant worker alone

    CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - It’s best not to get between a predator and its prey — especially when they’re in the passenger seat of your golf cart.

    Water plant worker Mitch Walter would offer that bit of advice and bears the scratches of one who speaks from experience.

    As Walter was inspecting the Cape Rock Water Treatment Plant property Tuesday night, a rabbit leaped into his golf cart — followed by a 25-pound bobcat. The rabbit then jumped back out, leaving Walter alone with a large, frightened feline.

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    Poor man, he's now on rabie shots... and poor bobcat, he was probably frightened to no end. They are beautiful creatures, but can be extremely vicious when in attack mode or in "flee" mode. My childhood bestfriend's grandpa caught one on his farm... we got to see it, while waiting on the wild life people to come and get it (the bobcat was transported to a reserve and released). That bobcat made it known that it was ready to attack anyone that came remotely near the cage. They have a very wicked growl and scream.

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