Man sought in drive-by shooting of peacock

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    A man in a silver Mercedes Benz is wanted for questioning in LA County after the drive-by shooting of a peacock. This follows hot on the heels of the deaths of 50 other wild peacocks in the affluent Palos Verdes Peninsula area and law enforcement and animal welfare authorities are eager to find the culprit.

    The suspect is alleged to have been seen pulling up alongside the peacock on a driveway in Eastvale Road, then shooting the poor bird with a pellet gun July 9th, on Eastvale Road.

    Given the vehicle he's driving, a possible motive may be the habit peacocks have of pecking at their reflection in vehicles, or perching on them with their sharp claws, it's thought. The peacocks were introduced to the area 100 years ago though, are protected and aren't going anywhere.

    Officials have released a sketch and ask anyone with information to call Cesar Perea, director of SPCA-LA Animal Protection Services, at (323) 730-5300, Ext. 272. To remain anonymous, call the animal cruelty tip line at (800) 540-7722.

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    I grew up in the city, but some people a few blocks from us owned some peacocks. They (the males) are very beautiful when their tail feathers are fully expanded. Their call is a high-pitched screech which could be unnerving to some people.

    I hope the killer is caught and that a continuously re-winding recording of the peacock's call is played in his jail cell.

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