Man sued for mowing lawn during outdoor wedding

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    A bed-and-breakfast operator in the Woodland-in-Waverly neighborhood has sued his neighbor, claiming that the man intentionally disrupted an outdoor wedding at the house by starting his lawnmower the moment a bride and groom began exchanging vows.

    Meanwhile, the Metro Codes Department has issued citations to the operator, Richard A. Demonbreun, for allegedly violating the conditions of the permit allowing him to operate the business. The citations were issued following complaints made by some neighbors, according to Sonny West, the Metro Zoning Administrator.

    Demonbreun has lived in the historic house at 746 Benton Ave. for 10 years, opening his business there five years ago. The business is not only a bed-and-breakfast, but also what is technically called a “historic home event” venue where weddings, receptions and such are held.

    William Cochran Jr., the neighbor against whom the suit was filed, lives at 751 Benton Ave. He too operates a bed-and-breakfast and wedding site, The Inn at Evans Mill, 70 miles from Nashville in Smithville, Tenn.

    “The little bitty weddings that I have on my front lawn bother Mr. Cochran,” Demonbreun said in an interview.
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