> Man sues nightclub over take-down-pants contest

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    Man sues nightclub
    A Cincinnati man is suing a Fairfield nightclub, claiming he was injured while participating in a contest that required him to take down his pants.

    According to the lawsuit, filed last week in the Butler County Clerk of Court's Office, Aaron Laine claims the Metropolis nightclub "failed to make the premises safe and provide reasonable protection" from injury.

    The suit said Laine participated in a contest at the club on Forest Fair Drive on April 5, 2002. During the contest he was instructed to climb up on top of the bar and take down his pants. After he did so, he was pushed and could not regain his balance because his pants were around his ankles, so he fell, according to the lawsuit.

    Laine sustained injuries to his right foot, leg and ankle, and incurred medical expenses due to the incident, according to the suit.

    He is seeking in excess of $25,000 in damages.

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