Man thrown from Six Flags roller coaster

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    A 55-year-old man died yesterday afternoon after he was thrown from a roller coaster at the Six Flags New England amusement park in Agawam.

    Stanley J. Morbarsky, of Bloomfield, Conn., was thrown from the popular Superman Ride of Steel roller coaster about 3 p.m., just as it was about to end its run, according to Agawam police Lieutenant Steven Draghetti.

    "The train was pulling into its last turn to go into the train station to disembark," Draghetti said last night. "He [Morbarsky] somehow came out of the car and died as a result of injuries."

    Morbarsky, who suffered "multiple traumas," was pronounced dead on arrival at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield about 3:45 p.m., Draghetti said.

    Investigators from the state Department of Public Safety and Agawam police last night were probing the cause of the accident on the thrill ride, which can reach speeds of 80 miles per hour.

    Morbarsky flew from the ride sideways as it hit a curve, and could not have fallen far, Draghetti said. As far as investigators could determine, Morbarsky had come to visit the park alone, Draghetti said.

    "You can touch the rail standing on the ground," Draghetti said.

    Morbarsky "started spinning like a Frisbee and hit the rail, bam, and then fell down on the ground," Anthony Arroyo told WFSB-TV of Hartford, Conn. People started screaming, eyewitness Sara Syez told WHDH-TV in Boston.

    "All of a sudden people started screaming, `Stop the ride, stop the ride, someone has fallen off,' " she said. "They finally stopped the ride, and it was extreme panic, and we looked, and all the people in the cars were crying . . . and we looked over to the side, and there was a gentleman laying by the fence."

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