Man Uses Bug Story to Make Women Disrobe

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    Wisconsin man apparently using insect story to encourage women to disrobe

    WAUKESHA, Wis., Nov. 10, 2006

    <HR>(AP) An unknown man has been bugging women _ and police _ by using an insect story to try to persuade women to disrobe. Police said the man, who remains at large, has told female workers in at least seven businesses they have a tick on their clothes and should remove clothing to find it, said Waukesha Police Sgt. John Konkol.

    "We don't know what his potential gain is, if it's sexual gratification or he's trying to be funny, but it's a serious crime," Konkol said.

    Hali Frankowski was working recently at Sunset Tan in Waukesha when the man came in and asked her to show him the tanning beds.

    At one point the man told her she had a tick on her shirt, she said.

    "He was like 'It's right there.' That's when he took my pants, pulled them down, pulled them over, and that's when I jumped and started walking toward the bathroom," she said.

    The man left, leaving her stunned.
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    What a loser to have to make up a story to get a woman naked.:loser:

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