Man who claims Elvis is father now wants a little less conversation

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    The wait has turned to months. The hope to learn the truth is still there, sure, but the wait is beginning to gnaw at him.

    Is he the son of Elvis Presley? Five months after he hired an attorney to seek the approval of the Presley estate to undergo a DNA test, former Jackson resident Tim Farrell continues to pursue the answer to that question.

    And he's gotten about nowhere.

    ''If it was Joe Blow next door, we probably would have gotten this done already,'' Farrell said, speaking from his home in Michigan. ''But it wasn't.''

    The 49-year-old Farrell, a 1973 graduate of Jackson Central-Merry High School, is in pursuit of a DNA test two years after his mother made a death-bed confession claiming that Elvis was his father.

    However, Farrell's pursuit has been hampered. He dumped a Tuscumbia, Ala., attorney, and there has been little to no response from the Presley estate, as far as Farrell knows. He recently declined to name his new attorney and was careful with his words.

    ''I'm not at liberty to give you a lot,'' Farrell said. ''We're trying not to be public with this. We want to do it with a little class.''

    But even then, the frustration of the wait appeared to be weighing on him.

    ''It's just taking forever,'' he groaned.
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