Man who lost 340 pounds inspires others

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    After losing a tremendous 340 pounds in 13 months after previously weighing almost 700 pounds, Gibby is now selling his success story to people who need to hear inspiration.

    Gibby, a Lake City (Anderson County) resident, was told by doctors that he would never walk again after he suffered a terrible fall. It came to a point at which Gibby was so heavy that he could not fit on a regular stretcher, so paramedics had to remove an extra-wide door and place him on it.

    At one point, Gibby was placed in a nursing home and was told he would probably die there. He said he smoked three packs of cigarettes a day, drank alcohol and felt sorry for himself.

    After struggling with his weight nearly all his life, Gibby finally decided to do something about it.

    He said he tried every single diet plan available, spending thousands of dollars in the process.

    "Whatever was there, I bought it," Gibby said. "Nothing would work."

    Gibby started a weight-loss ministry called TYJ (Thank You Jesus), featuring what he calls a "12-day, two-day goal," where for 12 straight days, he watches his carbohydrate intake and eats more protein, in addition to drinking lots of water, and then for two days eat regular meals. He would not go into any more specifics.

    "After 12 days and taking off two, I felt like I was cheating," Gibby said. "But it's a balanced program. I can't think of a program that you can do for 12 days, then be off. It becomes a habit."
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