Marc Gagne, 80, and Rita Fortin, 78, Canadians murdered in their mobile home, Florida, 22 March 2019

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    Man Charged in Murder of Canadian Couple in Pompano Beach Home

    Florida police arrest suspect in double homicide of Canadian couple

    So he was released from prison just a month before he brutally murdered the couple.
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    He’s accused of shooting a senior citizen in the face. And, now, a grisly double murder

    Read more here: He’s accused of shooting a senior citizen in the face. And, now, a grisly double murder
    "The probable cause affidavit says when BSO arrested Johnson, he had 3.7 grams of ecstasy, six pieces of crack cocaine in a Krazy Glue container, 0.2 grams of cocaine, 0.4 grams of marijuana and a lot of baggies. So, Johnson was arrested on possession of ecstasy with intent to sell, possession with intent to sell within 1000 feet of a place of worship (the Greater Community Missionary Church of Pompano), possession of cocaine, misdemeanor marijuana possession, armed robbery, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and attempted felony murder.

    “Meanwhile, BSO homicide detectives continued processing the gruesome murder scene in the same city, canvassing the neighborhood for clues that could help solve their crime,” the department said in a news release.

    On April 11, homicide investigators got a clue that pointed to Johnson, BSO said.

    “Detectives continued their investigation until they received confirmation from the BSO Crime Lab that forensic evidence placed Johnson at the murder scene,” BSO said.

    A warrant for his arrest on first-degree murder charges was issued May 14.

    Johnson has a history of trouble with the law. He spent seven years and two months in Florida prisons on six counts of burglary of a home or occupied conveyance and six counts of grand theft from $300 to $5,000.

    He was released Feb. 23. On March 22, the Gagnes were dead. On March 30, Moton was shot."
    Marc Gagne, 80, Rita Gagne, 78, found beaten to death March 22
    Man, 28, accused of killing Canadian couple in Pompano Beach
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    WOW, what do these evil criminals have to do to deserve and receive the death penalty. Good grief! They catch them, spank their behinds, let them out again...and the race is on with DEADLY, evil intentions. This man deserves the death penalty, MOO.
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    So the perp randomly picked a home in their trailer park? How horrible!
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    I'm relieved this horrific case was solved, but beyond disgusted at more tragic, senseless waste of lives :( I hope this guy never gets out again.
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