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Discussion in 'Caylee Anthony 2 years old' started by Tricia, Feb 12, 2009.

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    Casey was a child constantly criticized by her mother. She 'learned' to lie to avoid being punished. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. It was a crap shoot, but lying was an 'art' that she honed to perfection. She had a great teacher, because...

    Mother, wanting to 'prove' her success by putting forth the perfect child, covered up Casey's mistakes by lying in turn, oftentimes to her father (GA). My money is on the fact that Casey screwed up often, Mother knew, Casey saw Mother lie on her behalf, and then took the punishment from Mother behind closed doors all the while learning that manipulation is not only acceptable, but a necessary survival skill.

    This carries on into adulthood. Casey screws up, Mother lets loose with verbal 'punishment' behind closed doors, then covers Casey's a*s so no one will know what Casey has done or what a screw-up job Mother has done with this child.

    Casey has a child. Finally, she has leverage with her Mother. She thinks. Nope. Doesn't work. Mother know best, and constantly criticizes Casey's mothering skills.
    Casey can't win.

    Here is where it gets interesting.

    Casey wasn't born a sociopath. She was made. She sprung from a little girl who cried herself to sleep at night because she was a 'dummy'. A 'bad' child. An imperfect 'idiot' who could 'Never-Do-Anything-Right'.

    Casey tried to love her daughter. In a way, she did, but AHEAD of that was her need to prove to her Mother that she was better than the fu*k-up her Mother perceived her to be. In Casey's mind, this simply meant out-maneuvering and playing head games to conceal the 'bad things' she was doing. Just like when she was a child.

    She never meant to kill Caylee. The chloroform? Well, in all the movies she's seen, it's how you put someone to sleep. They don't die. They sleep and then wake up wondering what the movies...but something went horribly wrong, and JUST LIKE IN THE PAST, Mother gets mad, lashes out, then covers up the 'bad thing'...


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    1. I think Casey killed Caylee in a fit of rage after an argument with her mother. Maybe she and Caylee left the house and Caylee was cring for Cindy and Casey snapped,idk. I think she panicked after the fact and didn't know what to do or how she was going to get out of this one. I think that she stayed away and avoided her parents until she could come up with some sort of lie that she felt was believable enough to get her off the hook. I don't think Casey thought she would ever get caught.

    2. I believe that Cindy knows/suspects what happened and tried to cover for Casey by lying which I think is something that has gone on for years. I think she is a pathological liar and Casey learned this behavior from her. I think that Cindy is a domineering control freak who is the primary source of family conflict and turmoil!!!
    (I don't think she had anything to do with Caylees death)

    3. Something is really weird about Lee and his relationship with Casey. I am not sure why I feel that way. I don't know if Lee has inside info that he is not telling and is protecting Casey, or if he is actually the only normal one and is extremely embarrassed by the members of his family and is not sure how to react to the public's knowledge that they are such a dysfunctional mess. I would like to think it is the latter. I know how close I am with my oldest brother and I can not imagine how you would deal with a situation like this, especially if he confided in me and I had information that was incriminating, I know that I would not cover for him but revealing it would be very painful.

    4. I think that George has become passive and controlled by Cindy. I would guess that this man could never do anything right so, he eventually stopped trying. I think out of fear of Cindy's wrath, he attempted to participate in the lying and covering up the truth but his conscience got the best of him. I think that eventually he will come out with all he knows or will tell what he believes happened to Caylee. I think George is in need of years of therapy to get his b-lls back.

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    IMO, KC killed Caylee in a fit of rage because she was no longer a little doll KC could wheel out for more attention, but a real person with an opinion of her own.

    CA, is about the sickest enabler I have ever seen. IMO she would have destroyed Caylee too. The child had more than 100 stuffed animals, which is a symptom, and says to me, she too would have had a very high probability of being spoiled rotten, just like KC.

    LA, CA's son, another in the mold, deceptive, angry, blames everyone but KC, cares more about KC than he does about Caylee

    GA, the only sympathetic character in this tragedy. He too has a responsibilities for his failure to stand up to C and KC.

    This is about the sickest bunch I have ever seen. IMO, much of this disfunction is from CA's influence. I feel she is a deeply troubled woman and passed much of this to KC who took it to the extreme.
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    I agree with Everly's post and Lacey Clementine's comment to her post. I would also like to add that GA's inserting himself into Haleigh Cumming's case is extremely misguided. The Anthony family is in no position to help another family with a missing child. If the family of a missing child is innocent, the A family's presence will only make the public think negatively toward the missing child's family...the phrase "guilty by association" is what springs to mind.
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    Dear Mr. Klaas,
    I am somehow reminded of the Susan Smith case, where she drowned her babies to be free to have a NEW future with the new love.

    I somehow make a mental connection here, in that apparently Caycee's mom would not hear of an abortion insisting that Caycee give birth to Caylee. I can see that Caycee would possibly argue with her mother, IF her mother was too busy to sit with Caylee, OR IF grandma Anthony laid the law down about Caycee NOT being the mother grandma Anthony wanted her to be, YOU wanted me to have this baby, I did not want to give birth, etc. Big time anger with grandma Anthony. Big time anger at being tied down, big time anger exploding with a pre meditated action to get even with grandma Anthony, resulting in Caylee's murder.

    IF being at the end of ones rope applies, it does imop in this case, with an immature young woman who was self centered, and playing Russian Roulette with her body.

    Caycees brother Lee, being a young man himself, may in fact commiserate with Caycee big time. Will we ever know the actual truth? The freedom that society places on having sex as an indoor sport instead of a lifetime commitment is another area to place fault, for this murderous disaster.

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    Hello Mr. Klaas,

    Thank you for everything you do on behalf of children and my heart grieves for you on your loss.

    I believe that KC killed her daughter and it was premeditated. However, I don't necessarily believe she picked June 16th. I think the opportunity presented itself because of the fight with Cindy. I think she was unnaturally jealous of her own child and therefore saw Caylee as a threat.

    I also believe that Cindy is pathologically controlling and has contributed significantly to the dysfunction in the family. It is this pathology that has led to her denial (for her own self-protection) which in turn has led to her covering up of the crime (giving the FBI the wrong hairbrush, washing KC's pants from the car, etc.). She has presented herself horrifically to the public, which is a shame because I also think she ultimately deserves our compassion.

    Everyone in that house walks on eggshells around KC because of her serious personality disorder. People like her keep others off-balance and family members tend to give in to whatever they want just to keep the peace.

    LA is protecting his sister by buying into her lies and I believe it will ultimately come out that he has obstructed justice along the way.

    GA is a decent human being with tremendous compassion. He knows in his heart what has happened and is having trouble living with it. I applaud his efforts to offer support to the Cummings family as they suffer through the possible abduction of their little girl.

    I worry about the trial because of the circus this case has become. Ultimately, if KC's fingerprints are found on the duct tape, as some are already reporting, I would like to see her on Death Row. I knew she was guilty when she didn't report her child missing for 31 days and still wouldn't have, if her mother didn't step in. As a mother myself, I just cannot wrap my mind around that.

    Finally, I hope Caylee and Polly rest in peace and that you continue to do the work that I know Polly must be so proud of.
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    I think KC killed Caylee and it was premeditated. I also think KC's family made her who she is today and they are extremely dysfunctional.
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    Ok, here goes:

    -I believe that KC killed Caylee to garner sympathy and attention. (possible monetary gain)
    -I think it was premeditated MONTHS, maybe YEARS in advance. (the web searches of missing children did it for me!)
    -KC has narcissistic personality disorder, and possibly is sociopathic.
    -I believe KC killed Caylee at her parents house and threw her body in the trunk of her car. She then just chunked her little body on the side of the road like trash. (Hiding her in PLAIN sight!!)
    -I don't think Cindy and George knew anything until KC was placed on house arrest. (The 911 call is just too emotional!)
    -I think GA and CA know the real story. CA is covering for KC, and the truth is eating GA alive.
    -LA is just trying to be loyal to his sister. The parents probably shared the truth with him. LA fears he will be caught up in this mess and go to jail.
    - CA rules the roost and KC is just like her. However, KC has some mental issues that make it impossible for her to 'know when to quit.' (I bet she has been obsessive in her relationships- and has stalked her boyfriends.)
    -I think the duct tape probably smothered Caylee.
    -The heart shaped sticker is probably an apology to Caylee. I really buy the 'kiss goodbye' theory. KC probably taped her mouth shut and she smothered. After KC calmed down she probably had a small twinge of regret.
    -CA and GA will get divorced after GA breaks down and tells what her knows.
    -KC will be convicted. However, she will never express any genuine remorse. She will never confess.
    -The public hasn't even seen half of the evidence against her. Forensics will put KC in the slammer.
    -KC will probably serve life without parole. (well, maybe I am just hoping on this one.)
    -The webcams and media coverage has been out of control.
    -The public is in love with Caylee and can't fathom why KC waited so long to call the authorities.
    -Most people keeping up with the story find the Anthony's behavior odd and suspicious. (No-one behaves like they do when their child.grandchild is missing.)

    BTW, I am in awe of Mr. Klaas, Tim Miller, and Mr. Walsh. I don't think I could go on if my child was ever harmed. They are strong, and do wonderful things.
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    Thank you Marc and Tricia. Did you think your question/thread would inspire such a number of excellent posts?

    1) KC will never admit anything. She clings to her dream of an OJ-style acquittal and a new life funded by her subsequent book and movie deal. This dream is kept alive by JB who tells her it is a possibility, albeit an infinitesmal one. He has hired professional naysayers whose job it is to distort the truth. This only encourages her more.

    2) GA will realize, if he hasn't already, that he has a chance for an honest future ahead of him. He has a clear choice to make. He can redeem himself and create an honest legacy for his beloved granddaughter. He can become a leading advocate for missing children and win back the respect of the nation. He can completely undo the shame that he, Cindy, and Lee have wrought upon Caylee's precious life. How? He can come clean now and let the chips fall where they may. He can publicly renounce Caylee's murderer, without naming names. He can continue to align himself with his current attorney, and follow the advice of his prior one. He can disassociate himself and his future endeavors from the disreputable leeches who will only hinder his path to credibility. Finally, he must distance himself from those around him who will not let the truth come to light, including, but not limited to, Jose, Cindy, and Lee. He needs a clean break from all the lies and distortions. He needs it for himself, and for Caylee.

    He can make an honest living, heal himself, make a new start, and bring dignity to the memory of Caylee. Public opinion would shift, and he could quickly emerge a hero, in Caylee's memory. Come on, George, get on the ball!

    3) Cindy is beyond hope and beyond redemption. She will never give in nor give up. She will keep George from attaining the hopes and dreams he has for his new life and Caylee's legacy. After the trial, she will free herself from Conway's wise and protective yoke, and begin an unprecented media blitz as she writes her book. The book will only be slightly more accurate than KC's version of events and will sell about half as many as OJ's did. She will blame everyone on the planet, including me for writing this and you for reading it. Still, the media will hinge on her every word, for years to come, regardless of how absurd it is.

    4) Lee is so fortunate! LE has such a mountain of evidence that they won't need him to try to outsmart them on the witness stand. He can maintain his promise to a child murderer and wear it with pride for the rest of his life. He will be disappointed that only two people are willing to pat him on the back for his loyalty: one can't actually do it from behind the plexiglass, and the other is too busy chasing microphones and TV cameras. LE will dismiss him after the trial as too trivial to prosecute, with a warning to never cross them again or else. LE will mercifully say the same to his parents. He will also write a book with some minor details, enough to outsell his Mom's, but nowhere near the whole truth. He will quickly fade into obscurity as the media will prefer his Mom's front-page-worthy outrageousness to his smug, holier-than-thou deception. What are the chances that Lee will do what some hope he will do, as outlined in #2 above, like come clean and stop disgracing the memory of his niece? None. He doesn't have the guts. He'd rather side with a murderer. A child murderer.

    5) Jose has taken a lot of heat, essentially for not strapping KC in and flipping the switch. Even if he did that, he'd be raked over the coals for not beating a minute-by-minute confession out of her, on high-quality video, of everything she did since the third grade. Poor slob. He has to put on a defense according to his client's wishes, no matter how delusional her alibi. She wants to get off for killing her child. That's not his fault. Even when he and KC are eventually confronted with all the evidence, which will convict her, she will still want to take her chances. He has the constitution to hang in there with her instead of quitting. Will he tell her she has no chance? Maybe. Will she listen? No. To his credit, he has kept family meetings (i.e. more jailhouse videos) from happening. In fact, he has done a lot of good on her behalf. A lot of people can't stand that. Too bad. It's our system. It will get her in the end. What will get him in the end is public scorn. When all the dust settles and the smoke clears, his client will be in a Florida prison for the rest of her life. All of the books will have been written including his, and someone else's blockbuster containing all the juicy details not yet revealed AND something missing from all the other books: the truth. Jose will be appreciated for hanging in there, even for the lowest of society, but he will be scorned. Not for putting forward KC's obviously untrue excuse as a defense, but for putting witnesses on the stand whose job it is to distort the truth. It will hurt his case, as the jury will see right through it, and it will hurt his reputation afterward.

    Thanks for the opportunity to express my opinions.
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    Bless you Mr Klaas.

    My 2 cents (vent) FWIW. JMO too:

    I think KC killed Caylee, and was going to act like it was an accident, then chickened out of that and went with Plan B (kidnapper story).

    I think KC lives in a fantasy world 100% of the time.

    I still wonder if KC has anything to do with any other open crminal cases in Orlando.

    I think there was another, earlier, KC plan that was meant to "get rid" of GA then (maybe even CA and Caylee too).

    Sorry I can't "pretty" up this opinion, but I think Cindy is actually a very stupid person, with no common sense at all, and I think she has always been money hungry. And I think the money/donations attached to KFN attracted her right away, and she jumped on that money train with both feet.

    I think everyone in the A family knows the truth, but will never admit it. I think they have demonized anyone who would utter the truth, and while GA might have come close to breaking when visiting Daytona that night, as soon as CA got him back home she immediately placed him back on a reinforcement "KC-Is-Innocent Flavor" Kool Aid IV drip (she's a nurse, don't 'cha know).

    I think all the testosterone in GA's body went directly to his eyebrows, which are the only "pair" he has.

    I think LA has inherited the GA anger gene. Apparently he likes Star Wars and I think that he has gone over to the "dark side". I think MP should run far, far away. I also think LA was speaking directly to KC with the "CMA" award speech.

    I think someone with some money who knew KC (a KC client?) stepped up right away to help KC's case. And I still speculate if there is some BIG money running in the background of this case somewhere. I'm thinking as in sex trade, gun running, illegal immigration, something.

    My darkest thought is that Caylee will not get justice. I know that God will be the ultimate judge, but I just can't stand the thought of the A's profiting from her sad end. Seeing GA & CA today at Hayleigh's home made me physically sick.
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    Mr. Klass,

    I apologize, but did not know anything about your tragedy until I started reading about you here on this site. I admire your strength in the wake of the tragedy you suffered and you have my deepest sympathy. If you notice, this is my first post, but not a day has gone by that I haven't devoured any news about Caylee and this case.

    This whole case is so sad, sad, sad! I'm 99% sure she did kill Caylee but the 1% PollyAnna in me wants to believe there is some "conspiracy" or some unknown factor that I'm unaware of, that caused Caylee's death. With that said, my simple opinion is:.................

    1. This family has many secrets and I'm not sure I even want to be privy to all of them.

    2. KC lives in her imagination only. I think she often thought about how life would be better w/out a child but never believed in her mind she could/would do it - until- through some kind of neglect (leaving her alone in the pool or bathtub possibly) her daughter died. Consciously or subconsciously, she did kill her child but I think in her mind she still doesn't quite accept it. She played the blame/excuse game all her life " it wasn't my fault!". (or she could just be a smooth liar!) I think all her life she was a "wanna be". Wanna be the most popular, hottest girl, etc., - I'm sure you get the picture-- but it didn't work out that way for her so she just made up her own rules. It seemed to work for her beautifully until now.

    2. I think Lee is a loving brother and there is some secret (not sure what) between the two of them and he is loyal to his sister no matter what. Actually, I think he is the strongest individual in the family but that might be because he keeps his mouth closed.

    3. George is really hard to figure out - I think George is quite the passive individual. I don't want to be a name-caller but he seems kind of brow-beaten, with some hidden anger/aggression, as seen by the protesters. It seems he is always on the sidelines but never in the game. I think he can't figure out what went wrong in his life and is, for lack of a better word, lost.

    4. Cindy Anthony. Well, wow, just wow. She clearly is opinionated , headstrong and probably verbally abusive and degrading to those around her, i.e, "How could you be that stupid!" She wanted her family to be a certain way and well, turns out they aren't the way she wanted them to be -- so Caylee was her "do over". I believe in her youth, growing up in her family she was thrust into a sort of care giver role and it continued through adulthood turning into a sort of Martyn complex.

    5. Finally I believe we are all held accountable for our actions, whether right or wrong, intentional or not, there WILL BE a price to pay for this entire family. I hate to be so judgmental but I don't know how not to be in this perplexing case.

    Whew! I never knew I had so much to say, sorry to be so long-winded - I actually deleted 3 paragraphs before I posted!
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    1. I believe Caylee was a beautiful, wonderful child that was loved tremendously by George and Cindy. For this reason, Casey was jealous of Caylee.
    2. Out of jealousy and spite, Casey killed Caylee.
    3. In killing Caylee, Casey exacted revenge on Caylee and Cindy. Caylee because she was the most loved, Cindy because she loved Caylee the most.
    4. George, poor George, he loved that child more than anything. He knows and has always known Casey killed Caylee.
    5. Casey partied for 31 days because she did not feel any remorse, guilt, worry, or grief over what she had done to Caylee or her family.
    6. When she disposed of Caylee, she intentionally placed the sticker for 2 reasons.
    A. as a final sign of affection for her silenced child, and
    B. because now the child was finally silenced.
    7. Lee hindered the investigation however; I believe that he only did so because he thought she was truly innocent and being framed. Now he knows different.
    8. Cindy will continue to distract from the real issues of the case.
    9. George will testify against his daughter and do the right thing because he is a good guy.
    10 I like Leonard! He grew to love Caylee as the rest of us have. I rarely agree with him and do not like his tactics but I like him and understand his obsession with the case.
    11. Caylee touched the hearts of all who heard her story.
    12. Casey will continue to lie, manipulate, and deceive. I hope she is convicted and rots in jail. She murdered Caylee.
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    The Anthony family is extremely dysfunctional.

    This was a premeditated Murder & Casey killed her daughter in a twisted act of vengeance directed at her mother or because Caylee had become a burden to her life style.

    Casey may also have some form of mental illness but I believe she is legally responsible for her actions

    Cindy, George & Lee were less than cooperative with Law Enforcement & one or more of them may have even had a hand in aiding & abeting Casey "after the fact".

    George was less than honest about his encounter with Casey involving the gas cans on June 24th. I also don't believe that he saw Casey leave the home with Caylee on June 16th.

    Cindy, on multiple occasions, has tried to impede the investigation into Caylee's disappearance & may have also intentionally destroyed physical evidence (i.e. washing Casey's pants). I also believe that she intended to mislead police when she told them that she believed that "Zenaida was either Amy H. or Jessie G."

    I believe there is a "Mountain" of evidence against Casey & she will eventually be convicted of 1st degree murder

    Jose Baez is not qualified to handle a case of this magnitude & he is a detriment to Casey's defense.

    Mr. Leonard Padilla has selfishly exploited the tremendous media attention this case has received for his own personal gain. I believe he is motivated by greed & he injected himself into this case with the purpose of furthering his political career, enhancing his public profile and most of all, to turn a profit....Shame on him!

    Finally, over the past several months I've heard a lot of talk about movie rights, book deals, paid interviews, exclusive photos & web-site membership fees. It's almost as if Caylee's murder has turned into a Multi-Million dollar business. For some reason I find that extremely disturbing.

    All of the above is my humble opinion.
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    WOW. I am so impressed.

    Marc Klaas called me to today to express his admiration and to say THANK YOU so much.

    Marc went on and on about how informative and incredibly interesting this thread is along with the Haleigh thread.

    He really was very sincere in his thanks and he is checking back regularly to read what you are posting on both threads.

    This is a good idea. It is interesting to read everyone's thoughts without the back and forth. Back and forth is great don't get me wrong but this makes things more succinct.

    Again, you all are the best. Keep your thoughts coming please. I would love to hear from thousands and thousands of our members on this topic.
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    I hope Marc will ask us to do this sort of thing again. It helps to organize and examine our opinions about a case in one post so that we can then weed out the mundane for the truly crucial elements.

    Thank you both Marc and Tricia for all that you do.
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    - Casey is 100% responsible for the murder of Caylee Marie... At first, I wanted to believe that it was an accident but everything points to Casey maliciously murdering this innocent baby.

    - The only honest reaction to Caylee being missing was Cindy's 911 calls the day she (Cindy... not Casey... remember Casey wanted to wait ONE MORE DAY!!) reported Caylee missing. Immediately after that they went into protect Casey at all costs mode. Which I find extremely sad. I was 100% behind George and Cindy until this started happening.

    - One of the many things that have bothered me about George and Cindy Anthony through all of their talk show appearances (and there were MANY) where they continued to try and sway the public to believe their twisted version of events was when they said that they KNEW who had Caylee and not only did they know who had Caylee... they KNEW where she was and had their own Private Detectives watching??

    - Cindy and George's constant bashing of Law Enforcement and the FBI was disgusting. These are men and women who are doing everything to find Caylee... and for her to even think for ONE MOMENT that they would rather find Caylee dead than alive just boggles my mind? Cindy asks detectives "but, are you looking for an alive Caylee or a dead Caylee?" Well Cindy, they have to do both because your daughter Casey leaves them NO CHOICE and the evidence pointed to Caylee being a victim of a homicide but they still followed up on all of your bogus sightings. They wanted help from everyone and anyone and when people didn't do it or see it their way... they lashed out.

    - Cindy telling everyone else to get off their "butt's" (it was a different word) and look for her granddaughter when thousands of people did show up to do more than she ever did to find that baby... but, because they were not looking for an alive Caylee they were slammed in the media. She really should have issued a public thank-you to all the people from all over the country who came out to help her family in the search of Caylee after her remains were found... I won't hold my breath.

    - Lee Anthony... I really don't know what to think about him. I don't know why he refused to give DNA and fingerprints and I do not know why his lawyer believes that future charges may come against him. That is just something I will have to wait to see because I really have no idea. I would hope that he didn't tamper with evidence but who knows with this "UNITED" family.

    - I did like George's speech at the memorial (most of it) and loved hearing about all of the things Caylee liked. I loved hearing about all the fond memories he has of her while she was here. I have no doubt that George and Cindy loved Caylee and Caylee loved them. That is why I can't really hate them. I try and understand that they are going through something no family should have to go through but... I will NOT write to Casey at all. I would not waste the paper, ink or stamp even if I just wanted to cuss her out. She isn't worth it to me. And no, I will not be donating to Kid Finders EVER... I will be making my donations to other reliable organizations in memory of Caylee.

    - Cindy's memorial speech... I turned it off as soon as she said that Caylee was so much like Casey... "her beauty and compassion." :bang:

    - As for them wanting this "private visitation" I say NO! NO! NO! They know that all visitations of all inmated are recorded. All phoned calls are recorded. Just because other inmates tapes are not released doesn't mean they can not be requested through the Sunshine Laws. It's public record.

    They had all that time to talk to Casey while she was out on bond. If they could not get her to talk (maybe she did?) then that's too bad. They have no one to blame but CASEY for them not being able to see or talk to her privately.

    Like I said before, had Cindy not fought so hard against the Gag Order the State wanted when this case first began I could maybe give her a pass on this request but no, she had to cry and stomp her feet all in the name of her Civil Rights so she could go on any talk show she could find to continue her "Casey is innocent... LE had their minds made up" crap. Now she wants to stomp on the rights of millions of people in Florida just so she can have some privacy with her murdering daughter? Sorry, it doesn't work that way.

    Casey knows her rights to privacy while she is an inmate are limited (lawyers and pastor) and that anything else she says can and will be used against her. George and Cindy do deserve their rights to privacy IN THEIR HOME but while their daughter is a member of the Orange County Jail's family they have abide by the same rules as every other family who has a child in jail.

    Maybe the Sunshine Laws do need to be changed but as of right now... they are the Laws. Cindy and George need to remember that the Law also applies to them.

    - Look, I do have sympathy for Cindy, George and Lee Anthony. I just do not agree with the way they have went about a lot of things. Their #1 focus should have been on Caylee and Caylee only. I don't understand how every interview they did leading up to Caylee's remains being found the first thing they would say is "Our main focus is to bring our granddaughter home" then immediately go into talking about Casey... Casey... Casey. Casey's innocent. Casey's was a wonderful mother. Casey would not harm her daughter. Blah. Blah Blah. Never ONCE had Cindy or George pleaded with "Zanny" for the safe return of Caylee. Even if they didn't believe the "Zanny the Nanny" story, they never pleaded with ANYONE who had Caylee to return her. Oh, I forgot... they knew who had Caylee and where Caylee was and were watching them.

    - However, I do think that Jose is keeping the Anthony's from seeing Casey more than anything. I can not believe that he would release Casey's statement before the memorial. What makes him think that Casey has any right to say what they do with Caylee's remains or memorial? She had her memorial when she dumped that baby in those woods. That's what she needs to remember for the rest of her life.

    - Also, I hear a lot of people who say "all Casey's family and friends said Casey was a wonderful mother." Do we all forget that Casey was pretending to work and leaving Caylee with anyone who would watch her for two years? It's easy to appear to be a good mother when you don't have to be a mother. She didn't have to raise Caylee... Cindy and George did. Cindy supported Caylee finacially from medical costs, to food, clothing and a bed to sleep in at night.

    - Do I think that Cindy was a victim of Casey? I think they had a vicious competitive cycle that was detrimental... and the only victim in all of this is Caylee Marie.
  17. lorann

    lorann New Member

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    Thanks for the work you do for these missing children and very sorry that it is necessary. When I hear and follow the news my heart sinks - Oh no, another one...

    The procedure that is followed of the family doing what is necessary to eliminate themselves as suspects is very important. If they take the poly and pass, it gives LE time to focus on others. As some who have posted above, it should be mandatory that people of interest take a poly but I'm afraid the lawyers would fight this.

    Getting with the media allows possible witnesses to come forward and go to LE with info that may be of some help finding the missing - the most important. These families bare their souls and it is heart breaking to see their fear and hopes all at the same time. There should be a limit as to how much we the general public see. I fear freedom of the press and zeal by media needs some decency when trying to scoop their competitors.

    LE has learned so much with each case but there are more and more creeps every day to challenge them. It should be pointed out each time one of these cases happen - we can find SO's in our own neighborhoods. We here know that but many don't. There is not a handbook on how to protect our children.

    I haven't comented on the individual cases in the news now because it seems, at this time, they are totally different. There are cases that do not get the national attention where there are missing that are discussed here. Old cases that people are still trying to solve. There are people like you Mark Klaas, Tim Miller, Mark Lunsford, John Walsh, many many people who help with searches after the fact. Sad that you are all needed but thank God you are there. Find the missing and prosecute the guilty!
  18. spyhouston

    spyhouston New Member

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    I think KC is guilty and acted alone. KC/JB will not be able to find that one doubting juror and she will be held accountable.

    LE has done a really good job in sorting through this nightmare. I just wish we didn't have to wait a year or two to finally have the answers, but I'm keeping the faith that we will someday know the truth.
  19. BonKai

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    Wow, great thread! Here goes:

    1. I believe KC had contemplated/fantasized about "getting rid of" Caylee for months.
    a. KC wanted her freedom
    b. Caylee took attention away from KC; KC was jealous
    c. Caylee was beginning to communicate KC's secrets (no job, no nanny, etc)

    2. KC intentionally killed Caylee

    3. KC did this alone; she did not have help

    4. KC didn't count on Cindy calling in the authorities. Cindy has always enabled KC's behaviors (lying, stealing, etc) before.

    5. George and Lee believe KC murdered Caylee, but are trying to keep Cindy from snapping (possibly out of fear for their own safety)
  20. tripleC

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    Obviously my own opinions....I'll keep it short.

    1. Casey felt she was not "working material" & needed a way to get her own place to show friends she was as smart & important as she made herself out to be. The computer searches on neck breaking etc. were done by Casey in staging a home invasion to get rid of George & Cindy so she could inherit the house & live off life insurance or at least have others move in & pay rent that she could live off. Caylee became a hinderance, the missing children searches were a plan that Caylee would taken during the attack. The fight and the fact that she stole from her now knowing Grandmother, cast a shadow over Casey and now she may be a suspect if she carried through with the "invasion".

    3. Cindy is the be all end all in that family. She has to stick with Casey is innocent because she wants to keep the "all American" family stint going. Anything less would reflect on her. She is mortified that family's dysfunction is plastered everywhere. Casey is afraid to see her face to face for fear Cindy may actually kill her.

    4. George has self esteem issues since Cindy is the bread winner, therefore let's Cindy take the lead. He is mortified he once took the oath to protect & serve and that this could happen to his own family. He knows the facts, and what the computer searches add up to, but doesn't want to face that reality.

    5. Lee is a realist. At first, he was in disbelief that Casey could do something like this, but after talking with her and her going in circles, he also knows what all the facts add up to. He wanted to do his own investigation so things wouldn't drag out. Casey knows Lee & that's why she only wanted to talk to George.

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