Marty tankleff scoops up another $10,000,000

Discussion in 'Long Island Serial Killer' started by hawkshaw, Apr 19, 2018.

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    He can add this to the $3.75M he got from NYS for a wrongful conviction. He sued in federal court and it was settled for 10M. So what's a few bucks between friends.

    At a Marty support meeting before the appeal was filed the lawyer Barket said to a question that Marty would NEVER be tried again no matter how the appellate court decided. The DA didn't dare bring it to a public forum.

    With all that has happened since he was let out of jail, and now $13,375,000 later MARTY has still not had his day in court other than the original trial.
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    Good. Marty deserves it and more.
    DA and Det should have been charged with malicious prosecution.
    He was set up.

    On another note.
    Bastard Burke dismantled the Gang Task Force.
    It was a free for all for gang members.
    The tide has changed. LE is going after MS13 members.
    Many arrest have been made.
    Now MS 13 is threatning to kill Long Island cops like they do in Mexico and El Salvador.
    This in an effort to get them to back off.

    We have been reduced to third world BS.
    We are only as strong as the weakest link in the fence.
    We know who is responsible for this.

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