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    Rock Picture

    I'm getting ready to put this up on eBay, but thought all of you would enjoy the story that goes with it.

    Have you ever sat down on the beach wishing the sea would give up one of it’s treasures something so big, it would help fulfill a dream? A large diamond, or a chest full of coins…

    One day I was sitting 50 feet from the water line watching the tide go out…

    I watched a wave growing in the distance, towering above the other waves, people were running from it’s path, it crashed in front of me, and like an arrow, a point of the wave shot across the dry sand towards me, disappearing as it reached my feet, I looked down and saw a stone, I picked it up looking at it, my first thought as I tucked it in my pocket was a commercial that I just watched for Disney’s 50th anniversary, with the shape of our favorite mouse in the middle…

    I walked down the beach chuckling as this story came to mind...

    “Mousey Grin”

    Happy 50th Anniversary Disney

    the two famous mice put on their disguise
    time to sneak away, big excited eyes…
    colorful Spanish town, music and laughter fill the street
    beautiful mariachis spinning and dancing to the beat

    Rosa and Rito wear sombreros joining the crowd
    dancing down the street, celebration very loud
    souls intertwining drifting down the beach
    she runs away giggling, just beyond his reach

    sparkling eyes, glowing passion as they kissed
    lovers… drifting in the clouds dreamy mist
    succulent lobster, best without a doubt
    waves stroke the cliff, ocean breaths in and out

    explosive fireworks, animals grunting on the farms
    heartbeat of music fades, curling up in his warm arms…
    first morning sunbeam touches Rito’s toe
    jumping to his feet “Gosh, we gotta go…”

    Could this really be where “Rosa” fell asleep 50 years ago?

    Naaa, just kidding, now for the real story of this amazing rock….

    That evening, as I was sitting at the campfire, I reached in my pocket and pulled out the stone looking at it. Looking closely realizing it was the perfect firestone, with a place in the middle to shave dry wood with a hole to blow through on the side… and what I thought looked like two ears, was where it had been rubbed down with a spinning tip that created sparks… turning it around after it’s burning would be perfect changing the flame into a small torch to start the larger fire… putting a hot glowing coal in the center of the stone allowed it to be moved to another location to start a fire…


    Shaman chosen, to hold the treasured stone
    Firestarter….. the task is his alone
    through the chilly night, keeps the embers glowing
    banking up the wood, on his knees a blowing

    smells of cooking foods loft up in the air
    only time he failed monsoon very rare
    water splashed his face as rain snuffed the fire
    opens the box, for all he will require

    mystic firestone filled with dry wood chips
    arrow chosen, one of the special tips
    clasped hands twist, sparkling right into the heart
    breathless moment, kindling glows, magic start

    bright flame reaches out, scaring off the night
    filling dark shadows, with warmth of golden light…

    I lay there wondering how this treasure ended up in the sea, as I drifted off to sleep a whole new meaning came to me...

    Matlock’s Rock

    ancient truth washed ashore, last resting place
    visions and dreams, wind blowing in my face

    predator perched on the mountain peak
    watching for young prey, innocent and weak
    playful monkeys run out from under trees
    drawn to the water, inviting warm breeze

    chilling shadow soaring across the waves
    it’s home lies deep inside the cold dark caves
    young chimps, shrieks of terror and fear
    mother looks up, on her cheek forms a tear

    the gem that sparked her life, so cute and funny
    tumbling through the home, far sweeter than honey
    teachers whisper of her heartbreaking tale
    warned to watch the kids, sadly she did fail

    the truth I now hold, from the beginning of time
    reminds of a small spirit without justice for the crime
    maybe this is the world’s first unsolved case
    child taken by a beast, disappeared without a trace..

    this artifact will make the difference Matlock grunted
    Project ORN where the predators, become the hunted…

    I woke after the dream, walking out and picking up the firestone, was there a special meaning when they make a firestone out of a skull? Turning it over and looking closely under the moonlight… I could see the outline of the features, and it’s shape was that of a miniature gorilla’s head, maybe a prehistoric baby? On the other side, the perfect shape of a Teradactyl claw from where it was snatched up as prey…

    Terrydactyls on a local island?

    Could miniature gorillas have at one time lived on our coast?

    Does this fossil, tell an unknown story of California and Mexican history?

    Could a book be written about this rock?

    Where do dreams come from, and why did I have a dream showing the history of this lost little soul? I have been helping in missing children’s cases over the last few years, getting dreams with information no one else knows that hold clues to solving the cases. Could just touching this stone have somehow connected me to it’s history? Could it really be one of the first missing children’s cases that went unsolved and now after all these years has reappeared at my feet seeking justice?

    I wonder if spirits can be trapped inside of fossils, (was this the first Indian quick start lighter?) Have other fire starters like these been found around the world? Does it show how advanced the Indian civilizations were thousands of years ago? Was it used by explorers traveling between islands so they had fire on their travels? Was it lost when a boat capsized? It would make a great showcase item for someone…

    Imagine the incredible odds of finding one of the world’s first victims of evil, washed to shore and found hundreds of thousands years later and used as a firestone, lost again when a boat capsized and reappearing to me now at a time when I need help raising money for a system that will assist law enforcement in making the world a safer place for children. As Predators evolve so must the weapons needed that will be protecting our children from them.

    Who am I? I’ll give you a hint by saying this stone washed up to me not far from Fox Studio… more importantly, three years ago, my daughter’s best friend was kidnapped from the safety of her bed, and killed by a pedovile… I made a promise to my daughter, to do everything possible to make the world safer for children. I was followed by over 4 million readers as Matlock during the trial, fought for the Amber Alert and the online databases of dangerous sexual offenders. Now over the last few years have been working with a team of volunteer geniuses that are creating Project ORN, the final step in tracking down and registering missing sexual offenders.

    Project ORN needs at least a quarter million in funding to finish putting everything in place. Maybe a few organizations that care about children will offer to match whatever this treasure sells for so we can get closer to the goal.

    I’m not sure if anyone will ever prove this is more than a rock, but to me, it holds the memory of a child that was struck down by evil, it symbolizes the fight I have been through over the years, trying to light a fire and get the message out. Law enforcement can only do so much, it’s our responsibility to take the final steps in keeping our children safe from harm.

    Now you know why I’m auctioning Matlock’s Rock, what better tribute to an ancient lost soul than being used making a safer future for our children.

    Copyright ©2005 Rocky

    Rock Picture

    the other side of the rock is where you can see what it is, but I don't have the other picture up on the website yet, and can't figure out how to put it up here...
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    Sex-offender data going national on Web

    "Justice Department will work with 48 statesThe Associated Press
    Updated: 5:28 p.m. ET May 20, 2005WASHINGTON -

    State-by-state information on sex offenders will be available on a new Internet site run by the federal government.

    Participation by states is voluntary. The Justice Department said it hoped to have the site up and running within two months.

    The announcement by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on Friday coincided with National Missing Children’s Day.

    The site won’t provide any information not already made available on the Internet by 49 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories. But it will be designed to allow someone to do a national search online to determine whether an individual who has been convicted in one state has moved to another.

    Privacy advocates wary
    “With this technology, every citizen and law enforcement officer will be able to search the latest information for the identity and location of known sex offenders,” Gonzales said in a speech at the National Press Club.

    Privacy advocates have been wary of publishing the names of people who already have served their sentence.

    But several recent high-profile abductions and killings, including the case of nine-year-old Jessica Lunsford of Florida, have led to calls for widened access to the information. “It is absolutely critical that we do better in tracking convicted sex offenders, and establishing a publicly available national database is a key part of that effort,” said Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D.

    Dorgan introduced legislation to create a national database after authorities arrested a sex offender from Minnesota for the murder of a woman just across the state line in North Dakota. The man would not have been identified on North Dakota’s registry, Dorgan said.

    Oregon an exception
    Every state but Oregon publishes the names, photos and backgrounds of at least some people convicted of a variety of sex crimes, particularly those involving children. But different rules apply as to what information can be accessed.

    In Florida, for example, state officials this week expanded the area that residents can check, up to a five-mile radius from their home or school. For years, the search could only encompass the same zip code.

    The change followed the killing of Lunsford. John Couey, the man authorities say has confessed to the crime, is a registered sex offender who was living 150 yards from Lunsford’s home in Homosassa, Fla.

    In his speech and a question-and-answer session that followed, Gonzales:

    Called for a vote on all of President Bush’s judicial nominees, dismissing a possible compromise to avert a showdown over Senate rules.
    Urged Congress to give the FBI the power to subpoena records in terrorism investigations without the approval of a judge or jury, saying the bureau already has that power in many criminal matters. “If you can use administrative subpoenas to go after bad doctors, why can’t you use them to go after terrorists?” he said.
    Said that requests for documents under the federal Freedom of Information Act “shouldn’t be such a burden on agencies,” but didn’t take a position on legislation that would tighten FOIA compliance deadlines and levy fines on agencies that miss deadlines."

    Looks like Oregon is opening the door for every pedovile in the country...

    awefully nice of em isn't it...

    since the database has gone online in California, they now know less locations of offenders than before going online...

    4224 San Diego serious registered sex offenders...

    over 2000 are locations unknown...

    how many have moved to Oregon?

    when they finish bringing the national database up, it is going to make it much simpler for Project ORN, we will only be making one link instead of 50+

    1 1/2 months and counting...

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